iKAMPER Skycamp Mini Roof Top Tent (2-person RTT), Shoe Rack, Storage Rack, Awning & Annex Bundle

Shell Color

iKamper Skycamp Mini 2.0 Drop Ship SALE - With the purchase of an iKamper Mini 2.0, customers will receive all of the following at no charge! These will automatically ship with your 2.0 Mini Tent!


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The Skycamp Mini features iKamper's signature expandable, fold-out floor design and packs down into the most compact hard shell on the market. The Mini is quite literally a miniaturized version of the original iKamper Skycamp 2.0. Instead of a King Size bed in the Skycamp 2.0, the sleeping area of the Skycamp Mini is roughly a Full Size/Double bed.

Ideal for smaller vehicles and short-bed trucks, the Skycamp Mini has the speedy set-up of a hard shell roof top tent, with the compact footprint typical of a slower-to-set up, soft shell roof top tent.

iKamper Skycamp Hard Shell Roof Top Tent Dimensional Comparisons

  • 4-person iKamper Skycamp 2.0 --> the original 4-person Skycamp RTT
  • 2-person iKamper Skycamp 2X --> 2-person RTT with no fold-out floor, no longer available
  • 2-person iKamper Skycamp Mini --> described here

    The exterior footprint of the 2-person Skycamp Mini is smaller than both the 2-person Skycamp 2X and the original 4-person Skycamp 2.0 (which have identical exterior dimensions). The interior sleeping space of the Mini is narrower than the full size Skycamp 2.0, but not much shorter (head to toe), considering that the exterior shell is over 2ft shorter (front end to tail pipe).

    Specifically, the exterior length of the Skycamp Mini is more than 2 feet (28.7") shorter from front end to tail pipe than the Skycamp 2.0 is, which is nice for small vehicles and short-bed trucks. Yet when opened, only 5 inches of foot room are sacrificed from the mattress for this dramatically more compact exterior size. The main dimensional difference between the Mini and the 2.0 is the exterior length, which translates to the interior width when the Skycamp is open and the expandable floor is unfolded. 

    The sleeping area of the iKamper Skycamp Mini (80.7" x 50.4") is a roughly the same square footage as a Full Size (Double) Bed (75" x 54"), but is about 5.5" longer and 3.5" narrower.

    Please see below for dimensional comparisons to other Skycamp models:

    Mini open: 80.7 (L) x 50.4 (W) x 45.3" (H)
    2X open: 82.6" (L) x 54.3 (W) x 45.3" (H)
    2.0 open: 82.6" (L) x 82.6 (W) x 45.3" (H)

    Mini closed: 57.1 (L) x 54.3 (W) x 12.5" (H)
    2X closed: 85.8 (L) x 54.3 (W) x 12.5" (H)
    2.0 closed: 85.8 (L) x 54.3 (W) x 12.5" (H)

    Mini Weight: 125 lbs
    2X Weight: 120 lbs
    2.0 Weight: 160 lbs

    iKamper Installation Options

    Many customers choose to pick-up their Roof Top Tents at our San Diego or San Francisco Bay Area Showrooms and take advantage of our installation services. Just bring your vehicle equipped with an appropriate roof rack and we will mount your new iKamper for you! We also sell and install roof racks suitable for off road travel with a roof top tent. Please get in touch to discuss rack systems and installation services tailored to your needs!

    iKamper Skycamp Mini Roof Top Tent Features & Dimensions

    • Set up & pack up in less than 1 minute.
    • You can leave your sleeping bags and pillows inside the Skycamp Mini
    • Dimensions (Closed): 54.3" (W) x 57.1" (L) x 12.5” (H)
    • Dimensions (Open): 50.4" x 80.7" x 45.3” 
    • 2" thick super high density memory foam mattress is 50" x 76" (for comparison, a Full Size Bed is 54" x 75")
    • Breathable 300 gsm poly-cotton canvas tent fabric (see below for more info)
    • Long ladder: accommodates vehicles with roof-racks up to 90" from the ground
    • Locking stainless steel shell locks secure the shell closed when not in use
    • Waterproof zippers are ready to handle the elements
    • Skyview Window: fall asleep looking up at the stars..... Or zip closed a canvas panel if the moonlight disturbs you!
    • Design, development, and manufacturing certified to international standards for quality (ISO 9001) and environmental management (ISO 14001).
    • The Skycamp Mini is not compatible with iKamper Accessories designed for the Skycamp 2X or Skycamp 4X.

    iKamper Skycamp Mini (2-person Roof Top Tent)

    • A World Map graphic on the fabric inside the roof of the tent.
    • Improved mounting hardware. The Mini can be mounted on a wide variety of vehicles and roof racks. As always, we can help with iKamper roof top tent installations.
    • The option to pop open the side windows using the canopy window poles. Windows of the Skycamp Mini have 3 layers: clear vinyl, mesh screen, and a polyester outer layer that can be extended using the provided poles to make canopy windows. 
    • Ladder rungs are level to the ground when the ladder is extended to its proper 30° angle, making it more comfortable and safer to climb up and into your roof top tent without shoes on.

    Skycamp Mini Poly-Cotton Canvas Tent Material Information

    • Canvas is water resistant, breathable, insulating & long lasting
    • Poly-Cotton canvas tents are fire retardant (FR) treated to meet CA safety requirements
    • Made from thick, 300 gsm Super Density Poly-Cotton Canvas
    • iKamper's Poly-Cotton canvas tent is breathable (reduced condensation) and insulates very well. You won’t get as hot on a warm day, nor as cold when it is chilly.
    • Thickness of fabric means not just better insulation properties, but also less loud flapping of tent material in the wind, so you can enjoy a quiet night camping if there’s a breeze.
    • Canvas fabric lasts longer and is more resistant to harmful UV rays than synthetic materials.
    • Poly-Cotton canvas is water resistant, but care should be taken to dry out the material before closing the Mini to avoid mildew. If you have to pack it up damp, be sure to open it up as soon as you can to allow dry it out.

    iKamper Roof Top Tent Warranty

    • iKamper will replace any defective parts for the first 2 years free of charge
    • After this 2 year period (for an additional 3 years), any replacement parts will be sold at the minimal cost- the cost of production.

    Choose from three exterior shell options for your iKamper Mini Roof Top Tent

    Standard Fiberglass Shell (Black or White)

    • Strong, light weight, high-gloss, and aerodynamic- fiberglass has been the go-to shell material for hard shell roof top tents for decades
    • The fiberglass shell of the Skycamp Mini is constructed of dual layers of fiber-reinforced plastic, with a thin layer of air trapped between the double layers of the shell. The double-wall shell design offers superior insulation, which reduces condensation and keeps your tent more comfortable
    • Choose between black or white, whatever goes better with your vehicle and accessories. 
    • Each shell is hand inspected for flaws before shipping

    Line-x Coated Fiberglass Shell ("Skycamp Rocky Black")

    • Line-x is a durable, long-lasting, spray-on protective coating that is often used for bed-liners of trucks and utility vehicles.
    • Provides matte black finish
    • Helps protect your iKamper RTT from scratches and impact damage during off-road driving through overhead brush.
    • Line-x provides UV-protection insuring that the fiberglass shell is protected from long term exposure to possibly harmful UV-rays