Goose Gear

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Goose Gear's precision-crafted vehicle cabinets and cargo solutions are designed & made right here in California. Goose Gear projects begin with a Rear Cargo Base Plate System engineered for your vehicle, to which the full lineup of Goose Gear vehicle storage accessory modules are mounted. You can add Sleeping Platforms, Drawers, camp kitchens, and IceBox fridge slides in whatever combination suits your vehicle and cargo needs.

Rhino Adventure Gear is proud to be an authorized Goose Gear dealer and we sell and install all Goose Gear products. Please reach out if you can't find what you are looking for.

All Goose Gear products are made to order. Due to intense demand, lead time for drawer modules is currently ~12 weeks. Lead time for base plates is ~8 weeks. Please be sure to order well in advance of any trips you have scheduled!

Select "Pick Up at Goose Gear" to pick up Goose Gear products from the manufacture in Huntington Beach, CA. Note lead times still apply. 

Select "Include Shipping" to have your Goose Gear items shipped to your desired address within the lower 48. If you want to have the items shipped to one of our locations for you to pick up, choose "Include Shipping" at use our location address as the shipping address. Then once your order arrives we will notify you it's ready for pick up! Note lead times still apply. 


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