TRAIL KITCHENS TK Van Kitchen (Passenger Side)

Hot Water Heater
12V Electrical System
Panel Material

Please Note: This TK Van Kitchen mounts to the Passenger Side of your vehicle. For the version that mounts to the Driver's Side, please have a look at the TK Van Kitchen Driver's Side (coming soon!). There are several differences in the features offered between the two models (See below), so please review carefully when making your selection.

    The Perfect Kitchen For Maximizing #Vanlife 

    Is home where you park it? Are you living the van life dream? Working on a sprinter van conversion perhaps? Or outfitting your tiny home with a galley kitchen? Well, have we got a kitchen solution for you!

    Part of the appeal of van life is the wide open spaces you get to live in. The compromise of course, is less interior living space. But, what if you had the option to simply pick up your kitchen workstation- stove, counters and storage- and set it up outside!? Game changer? You bet. 

    Cook delicious, aromatic meals without your bedding and belongings retaining those aromatic smells. Enjoy the perks of van life by cooking outdoors- without having to store and transport separate grills, stoves, or fire pits! Best of all, your entire kitchen comes with you, not just the portable stove. Sturdy and spacious counter tops, pots & pans, utensils, spices, cutting boards, etc all in one box. Of course, you still have the option to cook inside whenever you want.

    The TK Van Kitchen is an easily convertible indoor/outdoor portable kitchen.

    The Trail Kitchens TK Van Kitchen is a modular kitchen system anchored to the floor of your van. The Van Kitchen includes a storage cabinet, a sink, and a detachable kitchen workstation with integrated stove- complete with 2 burners, a storage drawer for kitchen utensils, a storage cupboard for dishes, and two expandable work surface counter tops.

    The TK Van Kitchen also includes a water system with filtered water delivered at household water pressure, a fold down table for outdoor use, an optional hot water heater, and an optional 12V rechargeable electrical system- so much more than just a typical campervan kitchen setup. This is truly an all-in-one kitchen solution, that enables you to take your daily meal prep routine to wide open spaces. 

    Please note: while the stove and kitchen workstation can be physically moved outside, the sink basin remains anchored in the base unit that is mounted to the floor. The faucet can still be used outside due to the 6ft extendable hose. 

    TK Van Kitchen- Portable Stove & Kitchen Workstation Component Features

    • 16.6 sq ft of sturdy counter top space (14.6 sq ft on the portable stove/kitchen workstation + 2 sq ft on the fold-down table that remains attached to your van.)
    • 5 cubic feet of storage area (25.75 "L x 16"D x 13"H storage area in portable kitchen + approx. 12"L x 10"D x 20" H storage in the cabinet under the sink.)
    • Utensil drawer with divider for easy access & organization of kitchen essentials
    • 22" wide grate on integrated powerful two burner stove (40,000 BTU/hr)
    • Can be used with 1 lb gas cylinders or a bulk tank with hose
    • When the kitchen workstation is detached from the base unit for outdoor cooking, integrated aluminum legs are adjustable for uneven ground and provide table height of 32"-34"
    • Aircraft-grade aluminum leg construction gives stainless steel countertops 300 lb weight capacity
    • Spring loaded handles are rattle-free and offset for easy carrying
    • Detent pins securely attach the removable kitchen unit to the base.

    TK Van Kitchen- Sink/Shower Water System Component Features

    • Sturdy aluminum mounting brackets for either mounting to L-Track or directly to the floor with rivet nuts or through bolts.
    • Marine-grade water pump delivers 3.5 gallons/minute at 50 PSI household water pressure
    • Optional on-demand hot water heater can be added to system (see below)
    • 0.5 micron carbon block water filter for better tasting water and removal of larger waterborne contaminants, like Giardia.
    • 6 ft extendable stainless hose fitting on sink/shower/faucet is accessible both inside and outside your campervan
    • Outdoor mount for sink/shower/faucet is easy to use in conjunction with the integrated fold down table- providing a secondary location for a water basin
    • Pulse setting option on faucet helps reduce water usage
    • Two flexible food grade water reservoirs (2x 14 gallon bladders) provide fresh water storage & grey water storage beneath kitchen unit.
    • Easily hook up external water sources (like Jerry Cans) using built-in quick connect fittings- also useful for filling and draining water reservoirs
    • Sink countertop surface is a solid ¾" hardwood with conversion varnish finish for all panel material skin choices.

    Optional Modifications to the Basic TK Van Kitchen Set up:

    External On-Demand Hot Water Heater ($150 Additional Cost)

    TK Van Kitchen Optional Hot Water HeaterThe Triton 5L (1.3 gallon) portable water heater produces more hot water per minute than any other unit in its class. Capable of producing 1.5 gallons of hot water per minute, this heater is great for everything, from doing dishes and showering, to washing your dog or cleaning up your own sandy paws. Manufactured by Camp Chef (of stove making fame), this 36,000 BTU/hr hot water heater pairs perfectly with the Passenger Side TK Van Kitchen, particularly for those keen on saving space with clever multi-purpose appliances. This optional water heater can be mounted externally to the fold down table of the main TK Van Kitchen unit. With the TK Van Kitchen's ability to be hooked up to exterior water sources, you can have as much hot water as you have access to water.

    12V Rechargeable Electrical System ($260 Additional Cost)

    The water pump for the TK Van Kitchen sink requires power to operate. While you can wire the TK Van Kitchen directly to your vehicle's primary or 12V accessory electrical system, for most users, we recommend adding the 12V Rechargeable Electrical System.

    Doing so enables the entire kitchen completely self-contained, makes installation a snap, and makes it easier to remove your kitchen should you ever get a new vehicle or want to use it elsewhere. The electrical system can be used to power small appliances and charge USB devices as well!

    For those in Tiny Homes or AC wired RVs, the charging port of this electrical system can simply be plugged into your 110V wall socket.

    The 12V Rechargeable Electrical System includes:

    • 12V 9Ah AGM battery (~100 gallons of pumping per charge)
    • AC battery charger
    • Charging port
    • Volt meter
    • Pump switch

    Vehicle Compatibility for TK Van Kitchen

    The TK Van Kitchen fits the following Campervans:

    • Mercedes Sprinter Vans
    • Dodge Sprinter Vans
    • Freightliner Sprinter Vans
    • Ford Transit Vans
    • Ford E-Series Vans
    • Ram Promaster Vans
    • Chevy Express Vans
    • Is your vehicle not on this list? Reach out and tell us about your specific needs. Tiny House, RV, and trailer owners, we are thinking about you!

    Dimensions of TK Van Kitchen

    Complete TK Van Kitchen Dimensions: 40.5" L x 17.0" D x 33.0" H
    Removable Camp Kitchen Dimensions: 28.3"L  x 16.9" D x 21.3" H

    Weight of Complete TK Van Kitchen: 147 lb
    Weight of Removable Camp Kitchen: 51 lb

    **PLEASE NOTE** Due to the weight-based shipping restrictions, the TK Van Kitchen will be shipped to your nearest local freight terminal- residential shipping service is available for an additional fee. Alternatively you can arrange to pick up your new kitchen at our showroom to avoid shipping fees altogether.

    TK Van Kitchen Set Up and Features Video

    See for yourself how quick and easy it is to move the Stove/Kitchen Unit outdoors for your culinary preparation enjoyment! Be sure to note how the sink can double as an outdoor shower!

    Please reach out if you have any questions about whether the TK Van Kitchen could work for your set up. If home is where you park it- from Tiny Homes to RVs, horse trailers to utility trailers, boats and of course campervans- let us know you're interested in this revolutionary indoor/outdoor kitchen set up, and we will work with you to fit a TK Van Kitchen to your home.

    When placing your order, please drop us a line and provide contact details so we can make sure we get your selections for the many customizable modifications available with this incredible van kitchen.

    Passenger Side TK Van Kitchen vs. Driver's Side TK Van Kitchen Comparisons

    • Passenger Side model is designed to be accessible from both the front of the unit (inside the van) and the back of the unit (from outside the van with the sliding door open). The fold down table protrudes out the sliding door, and requires access to the back of the Kitchen to be used.
    • If your set-up doesn't allow access to the back of the kitchen unit, you're likely better off with the Driver's Side TK Van Kitchen.
    • The Driver's Side model is designed to be installed against a wall. It does not have a fold out table, and the water connection ports are located on the end panel (facing the driver's seat), rather than at the back of the unit, as they are with the Passenger's Side model.
    • Since the Driver's Side model does not have fold down table, there is no mounting location for the water heater on this model. It can still be purchased, but will not be integrated into the kitchen unit.
    • The sink is located on the left side of the Kitchen for the Passenger Side model, but for the Driver's Side model the sink is on the right side of the Kitchen (directly behind the driver's seat).
    • The sink on the Passenger Side model can double as an outdoor shower, since the kitchen in mounted in close enough proximity to the door for the 6ft extendable hose to reach outside.
    • For both models, the portable stove and kitchen workstation is removable for outdoor cooking enjoyment.