Lithium Batteries to Handle your Outdoor Adventure

Whether you're looking for a custom 12-volt electrical build or simply looking to update your tired lead acid or AGM batteries, we're here to help. As usual, we've done the hard work of sourcing the very best products so you don't have too! 

On the battery front, we're proud to be an authorized dealer for both DCS (Direct Current Systems) Batteries out of Australia and Dakota Lithium from the USA. Not all lithium batteries are the same. Are you using it as a house battery, trailer battery, or as a starter battery? Are you running a winch? How many amps does your alternator produce? Are you mounting it in the engine bay or inside your rig? Do you need an app-based monitoring, or do you already run a RedArc / Victrom system? The answers to these questions may determine which lithium battery is best for your application. 

Have a look at the offering below. If you have questions don't hesitate to contact us here or visit us at either our San Marcos or Fremont location!



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