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    We at Rhino Adventure Gear love being outside. After years of camping at some of the most scenic campgrounds in the western USA, we wanted to roam a bit further. We longed to explore remote wilderness. We sought to comfortably visit destinations that wouldn’t require meticulously timed online reservations. 

    scenic mountain vista captured by rhino adventure gear california's premiere overland outfitter


    We dreamed of piloting our outfitted Toyota down dirt roads, sandy beaches and rock-piled tracks; of leaving the noisy crowds and Reserve America in the dust. In its extreme form, this type of expedition is called ‘Overlanding,’ and in its more moderate form it’s called ‘Backcountry Exploring.’

    We wondered if we could be blissfully immersed in nature and relish the journey to get there. Could we be truly comfortable at our remote destination, which has none of the bells and whistles that one finds at most mainstream campgrounds? Could we bring along friends and family, our kids, and assure their safety and comfort as well? We are thrilled that we can emphatically say YES to all of these questions. We’ve had such incredibly positive experiences embracing self-reliant adventure travel that we want to share our findings with you. 

    Our mission is simple: Share our success and help you get outside by seeking out and sourcing the very best overlanding and backcountry equipment available. There’s a growing community of outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy adventuring off the beaten path and setting up camp in remote, ‘inaccessible,’ locations. We agree with this growing community- that the enjoyment lies in the preparation, the journey, and of course in the time spent at your destination. And we are here to help you get prepared.