iKAMPER Skycamp 4X Roof Top Tent v. 1.0 (4-person RTT)

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SKU: SK-1323

The Skycamp 4X v1.0 Roof Top Tent is no longer offered. For the current 4-person iKamper Skycamp, please see the new and improved iKamper Skycamp 2.0 instead.

In the 50+ years of roof top tent history, the sleeping area of hard shell roof top tents was limited to the surface area of the car roof. Now, iKamper presents the Skycamp Roof Top Tent, the world’s largest expandable hard shell roof top tent. From the skylight to the spacious built-in king sized mattress to the large selection of add-on accessories and optional line-x coating, there's a lot to love about this innovative roof top tent!

**PLEASE NOTE** Roof top tents are shipped to your nearest local freight terminal. Residential shipping service is available for an additional fee. 

Many customers choose to pick-up their Roof Top Tents at our San Diego or San Francisco Bay Area Showrooms and take advantage of our installation services (see below for more information on roof rack and roof top tent installation options).

PLEASE NOTE: This is the 1st Generation (v. 1.0 model) of iKamper's 4-person Skycamp, however many iterative upgrades are included in this model compared to the first Skycamps on the market. Since iKamper's names and version numbers can be confusing, here's a quick breakdown of the current Roof Top Tent options from iKamper:

iKamper Skycamp Roof Top Tent Features:

  • Comfort and convenience for 2 adults & 2 children, or 3 adults
  • Closed footprint: 54.3 x 85.8 x 12.5” 
  • Open footprint: 82.6 x 85.8 x 43.3” 
  • Mattress is 82.6 x 74.8" (FYI a king mattress is 76 x 80")
  • Long ladder: accommodates vehicles with roof-racks up to 90" from the ground
  • Set up & pack up in less than 1 minute 
  • Waterproof zippers are ready to handle the elements
  • You can even leave your sleeping bags and pillows inside the Skycamp- just keep them on the hinge side so the expandable floor can fold up properly!
  • Design, development, and manufacturing certified to international standards for quality (ISO 9001) and environmental management (ISO 14001).
  • Skyview Window: fall asleep looking up at the stars
  • Or zip closed a canvas panel if the moonlight disturbs you! 

Skycamp Poly-Cotton Canvas Tent Material Information:

  • Canvas is water resistant, breathable, insulating & long lasting
  • Poly-Cotton canvas tents are fire retardant (FR) treated to meet CA safety requirements
  • Made from thick, 30gsm Super Density Poly-Cotton Canvas
  • iKamper's Poly-Cotton canvas tent is breathable (reduced condensation) and insulates very well. You won’t get as hot on a warm day in your Skycamp, nor as cold when it is chilly.
  • Thickness of fabric means not just better insulation properties, but also less loud flapping of tent material in the wind, so you can enjoy a quiet night camping if there’s a breeze.
  • Canvas fabric lasts longer and is more resistant to harmful UV rays than synthetic materials.
  • Poly-Cotton canvas is water resistant, but care should be taken to dry out the material before closing the Skycamp to avoid mildew.  

iKamper Roof Top Tent Warranty:

  • iKamper will replace any defective parts for the first 2 years free of charge
  • After this 2 year period (for an additional 3 years), any replacement parts will be sold at the minimal cost- the cost of production.

Why shop for an iKamper Skycamp Roof Top Tent from a local off-road adventure gear outfitter?

Rhino Adventure Gear is proud to have been the first official US-based distributor of iKamper Roof Top Tents. We continue to offer premiere customer service and invite you to take advantage of the following benefits of purchasing your Skycamp Roof Top Tent from a local California company.

  • Come to our San Diego and San Francisco Bay Area Showrooms and see the iKamper Roof Top Tent 'in the flesh'. Kick the tires. Feel the fabric. Climb the ladder! Bring your whole family along and see how you'll fit.
  • Learn how to open and close the Skycamp properly- try it for yourself! We'll make sure you know all the tips to use your Roof Top Tent safely and effectively.
  • We are a local, family owned US-based business. We're easy to get a hold of and happy to speak with you and address any questions you may have about roof top tents, roof racks and more.
  • We've personally installed dozens of roof top tents in our California shops and can properly fit your new iKamper Roof Top Tent to your vehicle.
  • We are authorized Rhino-Rack distributors as well. We have many roof rack options available and will give you our frank, professional advice to insure a safe installation.

Choose from two Shell material options for your iKamper Skycamp Roof Top Tent: 

Standard Fiberglass Shell (Black or White)

  • Strong, light weight, high-gloss, and aerodynamic- fiberglass has been the go-to shell material for hard shell roof top tents for decades
  • The fiberglass shell of the Skycamp is constructed of dual layers of fiber-reinforced plastic, with a thin layer of air trapped between the double layers of the shell. The double-wall shell design offers superior insulation, which reduces condensation and keeps your tent more comfortable
  • Choose between black or white, whatever goes better with your vehicle and accessories. 
  • Each shell is hand inspected for flaws before shipping

Line-x Coated Fiberglass Shell ("Skycamp Rocky Black")

  • Line-x is a durable, long-lasting, spray-on protective coating that is often used for bed-liners of trucks and utility vehicles.
  • Provides matte black finish
  • Helps protect your Skycamp Roof Top Tent from scratches and impact damage during off-road driving through overhead brush.
  • Line-x provides UV-protection insuring that the fiberglass shell is protected from long term exposure to possibly harmful UV-rays
  • First offered in June 2018, iKamper's most recent customization to the Skycamp is targeted at the overland and dispersed camping community- after noticing many off-road adventure seekers were getting after-market line-x coatings applied to their new roof top tents, iKamper released the Skycamp Rocky Black model to make this line-x option more accessible for everyone.


    Video Credit: iKamper