JAMES BAROUD Falcon 270 Tunnel Awning

Mounting Side
Tunnel Attachment
Roof Top Tent Compatibility
SKU: JAM-41760300000

The Falcon 270 awning wraps around the driver's side and rear of your vehicle. When paired with a Tunnel Attachment, you can climb up the ladder through the roof of the awning and directly enter your James Baroud Roof Top Tent.

**PLEASE NOTE** If you elect to include the integrate tunnel attachment, a different tunnel model is needed for the Space RTT than for the full pop-up models of RTT (Evasion or Grand Raid). Be sure to select the correct model. Note that no tunnel is compatible with the Discovery, or Horizon Vision RTT models.

For the Space RTT, the tunnel attachment is only available for awnings mounted on the US Driver Side.

Optional Tunnel Awning Attachment Details

The Tunnel Attachments for the Falcon 270 Awning are compatible with the following James Baroud Roof Top Tents:

  • Evasion (M, XL)
  • Grand Raid (M, XL)
  • Space (M, XL)

The style of the tunnel attachment differs slightly for the Space RTT models versus the others, so please be sure to select the type of Roof Top Tent you have to make sure the tunnel will fit properly.

James Baroud Falcon Awning Components

  • James Baroud Falcon 270 Awning
  • Mounting Bracket Kit
  • Support Poles
  • Guy Lines & Stakes
  • Tunnel Awning Attachment (ONLY if selected)
  • Weight 84lbs excluding bracket and hardware
  • Brackets and hardware are another 16lbs

Falcon 270 Tunnel Awning Key Features

Massive Protection from the Elements

To protect yourself from the midday sun, to shelter from the rain at the lunch break or to offer all the comforts of a 5-star camping, the Falcon awning will be the perfect travel companion. When the sun is too strong, the Falcon 270 offers more than 10 sqm of refreshing shade, ensuring 8º of less heat compared to other awnings on the market, thanks to James Baroud's unique, aluminized technical fabric.

Sheltered Access to Vehicle Rear Cargo Area and Driver's Side Doors

With the 270 degree coverage afforded by the Falcon 270 Awning covers 270 degrees, including the side and the rear of the vehicle. When we want to access to the vehicle trunk, we are always protected. Very convenient when it rains or snows. With the traditional awning, when it pours we have to open and close the rear door to access to the fridge, camping furniture or kitchenware. With the Falcon awning, we can let the door opened permanently without fear of flooding the rear of the vehicle.

A real living-room

Another advantage: its exceptional living space when used as living room with the walls. The walls can be installed in less than 10 minutes. They have double mosquito net and tinted, so it has a good protection from prying eyes. This large living area can accommodate 2 to 6 couples for lunch or dinner in good conditions. It provides the ultimate protection for great evenings with friends, whether it's raining, windy or even snowing.

Self-supporting awning

The Falcon awning is self-supporting, with extendable legs integrated seamlessly into the structure of the awning arms. Made of reinforced aluminum and stainless steel, . When you are in a hurry for lunch, as long as there is not too much wind, you can use it without its mats and cables. However, it's always better to fix it to the ground in order to withstand wind gusts.

Falcon awning and tunnel: the first of its kind in the world! When the Falcon awning is connected to the tunnel and this one to the tent, this gives you the biggest camping module on the market. This is a James Baroud exclusivity and you won't find similar anywhere.

 The Tunnel Awning attachment is NOT compatible with the Discovery, or Horizon Vision models of James Baroud Roof Top Tents. You must have one of the following hard shell James Baroud Roof Top Tents in order to use the tunnel attachment feature of the tunnel awning.  

Falcon Awning Video

Video Credit: 4WD

    Optional Falcon Awning Upgrades

    James Baroud Falcon Awning Net Room Enclosure

    James Baroud Falcon Awning Weatherproof Sidewall Enclosure