JAMES BAROUD Falcon Awning Enclosure Wall Panels (US Driver Side, US Passenger Side)

Falcon Awning Location
SKU: JAM-41763500000

This Enclosure Wall Panel kit is for James Baroud Falcon Awnings mounted on the US Driver's Side or US Passenger Side.

  • Includes 5-panel walls for the outside of the awning Falcon 270 James Baroud
  • Arrange your living space according to all types of climates and to have direct access to the vehicle inside the awning.
  • Ideal for enclosing additional outside space underneath your Falcon awning
  • Create additional shade from early morning or later afternoon sun
  • Break side winds to shelter from cross breezes
  • Attaches to the awning tubes by a velcro system.
  • The walls are designed for vehicles with a maximum height of 2.40m