ROAD SHOWER Road Shower 4 (7 gallons)

SKU: RS-4M07

Enjoy the comfort of hot, pressurized water during your vehicle-based adventures. Road Shower is like adding plumbing to your vehicle's rack. With the Road Shower you can have instant and easy access to pressurized water wherever you go!

The Road Shower has many uses for adventurers and overlanders, beyond just showers. You can use it to assist with washing dishes, as a pressurized jet to rinse off dirty gear, to gently spray off pets, or for extra drinking water.

The folks at Road Shower have been hard at work improving their incredible roof rack mounted showers and are now at version 4.0! The newest Road Shower 4 lineup comes in three models of varying sizes: 4S, 4, and 4L. Each Road Shower 4 model can be pressurized up to 65 psi, a huge improvement over the earlier showers. For reference, 65 psi is enough pressure to shoot water 45 ft! You'll probably want to tone it down a bit in order to shower comfortably outdoors, but it's a nice option to have if you need to blast mud off your gear!

Road Shower 4 Dimensions and Capacity Comparison Chart

Chart comparing the dimensions and capacity of Road Shower 4S, Road Shower 4, and Road Shower 4L

Road Shower 4 - RS04 - Good for short multi-day trips. Good for midsize cars, trailers, and rack systems. Enough for 3-4 camp showers. About 8 minutes of pressurized water. If you're looking for a higher capacity shower, check the Road Shower 4L; or, if you want a more compact portable camping shower, have a look at the Road Shower 4S.

Road Shower 4 Portable Camping Shower Features

Easy to use! There are no electrical parts to connect or propane to hook up. It is almost maintenance free and should last you many years. The tank absorbs sunlight to heat the water. Each Road Shower 4 has a dedicated, built in air chamber, so you can fill it up all the way, and then pressurize it without having to leave any space for air. You can fill it with water from a jug or hose and pump it up with a compressor or bike pump. Or you can simply fill & pressurize at the same time using your garden hose (note: the pressure achieved with this method will be equal to the pressure of the water line for your hose).

      • Instant easy access to hot pressurized water: no propane, pumps, or set up needed.
      • Black powder coated aluminum absorbs sunlight to heats the water inside.
      • LCD thermometer shows the temperature in F and C. Solar heated water can reach 100-115F!
      • Velcro and clips secure hose to water reservoir when not in use.
      • Holds 7 gallons of water (enough for three or four 3-minute showers). Using the Road Shower at higher pressure will consume water faster, but the Road Shower 4 provides roughly 10 minutes of pressurized water.
      • Built-in 2 gallons air space used for pressurizing.
      • Built-in pressure relief system so you can pressurize safely.
      • Wide-fill neck makes it easy to fill using a garden hose or pouring from a jug
      • Sleek design and high end components look great on your vehicle.
      • On/off valve at elbow- easily remove the hose or attach a longer hose while pressurized.
      • Shrader style air valve so you can pressurize on the go.
      • Locking loop to lock your unit with a cable style bike lock to your rack.
      • Heavy duty universal mounting brackets mount to most racks.

      Road Shower 4 (7 Gallons) Specifications:

      • Tank Dimensions: 55″ x 7.4″ x 5.74″
      • Slot Channel is 55″ long and the mounting bolts can be moved over this entire length. Easy to fit on just about any roof rack
      • Capacity: 7 gallons of water
      • Weight: 25 lbs (empty) / 77 lbs (full of water)
      • Boxed weight: 30 lbs. Box size: 10″ x 12″ x 64″
      • Material: Black Powder Coated Aluminum 1/10" thick walls
      • Pressure relief valve: opens at 55-75 PSI
      • Hose length: 55″
      • Mounting carriage bolts: stainless 5/16″ and use a 5/16″ nut. Nylock nuts included. 13 mm or 1/2" wrench needed. Lube recommended on nuts and bolts.
      • Elbow:1/2″ x male GHT bib cock. Takes a regular garden hose.
      • Female hose end: GHT thread. Male hose end is GHT
      • Hose is 5/8″ (Inside Diameter) food grade hose, as used in the brewing industry, with brass GHT ends
      • Intake air valve is 1/4″ NPT thread to tank with Shrader valve
      • Option to add an outlet or shower head on non-hose end (comes with an aluminum plug)
      • Locking loop to secure the Road Shower 4 to your roof rack
      • Side slot so it can be mounted from the side of a roof top basket

      Road Shower Manufacturer's Warranty:

      For one year from date of purchase, Road Shower will repair or replace your Road Shower 4, free of charge, if defective in material or workmanship.

      Road Shower 4 New Features Highlight Video

      Road Shower 4 Rack Mounted Solar Shower Video

      Watch how quick and easy it is to install the Road Shower 4 on your roof rack, fill it with water, pressurize, and use!