LEITNER DESIGNS Active Cargo System - Forged - International Fit

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SKU: LT-00-58FIA-1464

The Leitner ACS Forged International Fitment exclusively fits Non-USA manufactured trucks with a 1.5M Bed.  The rear load bar DOES NOT slide, and it is a "No Drill" application.  The ACS International Fits the following trucks:

  • Chevrolet - MY16 Colorado 1.5M Bed
  • FORD - T6 Ranger 1.5M Bed
  • Mitsubishi - Triton 1.5M Bed
  • Toyota- Hilux 1.5M Bed
  • Volkswagen - Amorak 1.5M Bed

The Leitner Designs ACS FORGED is the culmination of 5 years and hundreds of thousands of off-road miles of testing. Introduced in late 2019 the ACS Forged carries on the legendary durability, modularity and customizability of the original ACS Classic in a sleek new package. 

The ACS FORGED is manufactured and engineered in Corona, California to Carry Your World.