JAMES BAROUD Tablet Holder

SKU: JAM-41875400000

Intuitive universal tablet holder can be used to mount an iPad or tablet to the overhead cargo netting that is included in James Baroud Roof Top Tents. Adjust the angle of the tablet to your preferred viewing angle by loosening or tightening the tension strap on the back of the lower end of the table holder. The tablet holder itself can accommodate different sized tablets by using the velcro-adjustable backing to increase or decrease the spanning distance between the channels that grasp the edges of the tablet.

Additional Applications for the James Baroud Tablet Holder

Because of it's simple hook-based attachment system, the James Baroud Tablet Holder could be used to hold a tablet in many locations outside your roof top tent as well. From a clothesline? Under an awning? In an annex room?

Although not explicitly designed for this purpose, you could easily Macgyver the tablet holder to fit on the back of a car seat as well, allowing it to be used not only in your roof top tent, but also during the drive out to your campsite. You'd just need to loop a length of cord or rope around the headrest or seat back to provide a horizontal line for the hooks on the top of the table holder to latch on to. If you're traveling with little ones who enjoy visual entertainment during highway driving, a tablet holder that can be used inside your tent at night, as well as on the road while en route to adventures makes a lot of sense.