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    Why should I get a fridge freezer? I already have an awesome cooler...

    For adventurers new to the overlanding space, getting an ARB fridge on a slider, (complete with a dual battery set up to power the fridge) is one of the most impactful improvements you can make to your rig. For long journeys, or even short ones where you want to eat well outdoors, upgrading from a cooler to a fridge freezer makes a huge difference in having a comfortable adventure. Plus, no more having to break out your cell phone mid-journey to try and figure out where to buy more ice for that pesky cooler. With a fridge you can stay immersed in the outdoors, both physically and mentally. Even the best coolers can't compete with the infinite 'ice retention time' of a portable ARB Elements fridge freezer.

    Once you make the transition away from tolerating coolers, you'll wonder why you didn't upgrade sooner. From that gross ice-water seeping into bacon packages- even when you use a ziplock bag, to the disintegrating cardboard egg cartons, to beer bottles with soggy glue labels, to not being able to bring that extra six pack because you have to leave room for ice... there's a reason why you have a fridge rather than a cooler in your kitchen at home. Don't put up with one when living outdoors either- there's a better way to camp.

    Plus, with a fridge freezer you can skip that obligatory stop to buy ice before you hit the road- making it that much faster and easier to get out of town.

    ARB Elements Weatherproof Portable Fridge Freezer (63QT) Features 

    In addition to its weatherproof and durable stainless steel exterior, the ARB Elements Portable Fridge Freezer features a gas strut assisted lid, which means you don't even need to hold the lid open as you search the fridge. Wandering hands will be thwarted by the new programmable 4-digit pin lock, ensuring that fridge temperatures are not changed, drinks are not swiped and power is not switched off without your consent. 

    • Stainless steel body with ARB embossing
    • Unique infinite-position gas spring assisted lid
    • Durable ASA plastic protective moldings
    • Anodized aluminum latches
    • Heavy duty cast stainless steel hinges
    • Tamper-proof bolts for permanent mounting
    • Security pin code protected electronic locking system
    • Provision for padlock for added security
    • Weather protected control panel
    • Backlit LED display with dimming function
    • Recessed back for power cable storage
    • Easy carry handle design
    • Reversible cabinet basket with removable divider
    • Rubberized mounting feet
    • Wireless display compatible
    • Secop BD35F compressor
    • Built-in 3 stage battery protection
    • Drain plug
    • LED rear facing cabinet light with auto on/off
    • Full-length cooling zone with dual height compartments

    ARB Elements Weatherproof Portable Fridge Freezer (63QT) Technical Specifications

    Capacity and Dimensions

    Capacity: 63QT / 60L
    Internal Main Compartment: 13.1" H x 14.0" W x 18.8" D
    Internal Secondary Compartment: 5.7" H x 14.0" W x 6.1" D
    External dimensions 17.1" H x 19.3" W x 32.3" D
    Weight: 70lbs (31.8kg)

    Cooling and Power

    Cooling capacity: +60F to -0F (+10C to -18C)
    Ambient Operating Temperature: +70F to +109F (16C to +43C)
    Power: 12/24 DC with 3 stage integrated battery protection system. Built in 100-240 VAC (50-60Hz).


    ARB Elements Weatherproof Portable Fridge Freezer (63QT) vs. ARB Classic Portable Fridge Freezer (63QT)

    ARB Elements
    ARB Classic 
    Weatherproof Control Panel
    Yes  No
    Removable Lid No Yes
    Gas Strut Lid Assist Yes No
    Weatherproof Exterior Yes No
    Electrical Cord Restraints No Yes
    Lockable Lid Yes No

    Video Credit: ARB USA

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