JAMES BAROUD Odyssey Crossbars

SKU: JAM-41872000000

James Baroud Crossbars are finally possible on a James Baroud RTT!

One of the biggest innovations of the Frontier Series James Baroud RTT is the ability to add a set of James Baroud roof rack bars/cargo bars to the top of the rooftop tent.  This is possible with the new Frontier series James Baroud tent due to the strength of the new material and shell design. 

Attach the Frontier Cargo Bars accessory (sold separately) to hold surfboards, kayaks, solar panels, and even extra cargo above the tent. 

  • The bars are removable
  • Weight rating when the tent is closed - 154 lbs or 70 kg.
  • Weight rating to open the tent or when open - 55 lbs or 25 kg
  • Note crossbar set is NOT compatible with the legacy Evolution series James Baroud tents. 

Easy installation or removal of the bars opens a new world of adventure to your trip!