JAMES BAROUD Frontier Awning

SKU: JAM-41762500000

Another Awesome Tent Accessory from James Baroud!

Carrying on from the awesome accessories James Baroud already offers, including the popular Tunnel Awning Kit and Anti-Condensation/Comfort Mat, we at Rhino Adventure Gear are so excited for this new accessory that accompanies the recently released James Baroud Frontier Roof Top Tent line! This simple awning attaches to the track system that comes standard on the Frontier Tents and allows you to create an area of coverage over your ladder.  


The Frontier Awning stands out from other awnings with its unique attachment to the top shell of the Odyssey rooftop tent. This innovative design allows the awning to extend above the vehicle's height, providing generous shade and headroom that is independent of the car's dimensions. Additionally, it offers convenient access to the tent, ensuring protection from the elements and keeping the inside of your rooftop tent dry and protected from the sun.


The installation of the Frontier Awning is a breeze. Thanks to its lightweight design, it can be easily maneuvered and installed by simply sliding into the Odyssey side gutters. This straightforward installation method saves time and effort, ensuring a hassle-free camping experience. Additionally, once you have broken camp, you can conveniently leave the awning installed while on the road, eliminating the need for repetitive assembly and disassembly.


Constructed with the James Baroud Evolution Fabric, which we at Rhino have personally experienced its exceptional durability and resistance to UV rays on the Evolution Roof Top Tents, the Frontier Awning ensures long-lasting performance in various weather conditions. The Evolution Fabric's characteristics of superior wind and water resistance also apply to the Frontier Awning, providing a reliable and easy to use overlanding accessory.


  • Length: 2.40 meters (7.9 feet)
  • Width: 1.70 meters (5.6 feet)
  • Pole Height: Up to 2.10 meters (6.9 feet)