RLD DESIGN Stainless Steel Truck Cap v3 (2nd & 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma)

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Precision crafted completely of stainless steel using the latest technology, the RLD Truck Cap is 5 axis CNC press bent to 3D CAD models, TIG welded, and finished with a heavy, textured powder coat (with paint-match options available). This is not your standard fiberglass truck cap. This is a rugged, long-lasting topper ready for off-road adventures. Pre-fabricated access points along the triple rail reinforced steel roof allow mounting of rack systems and modular accessories including side cabinets and drop down tables. Not to mention the > 325 lb dynamic load capacity.

PLEASE NOTE: RLD canopies ship as freight to your nearest freight terminal or commercial receiving location. The shipping rate displayed at checkout refers to the cost of shipping to your nearest freight terminal. Shipping to residential addresses will incur an additional cost. Please reach out for a quote if residential shipping is required.

For shipping to Alaska and Hawaii, please contact us for pricing and assistance with shipping.

Ready to order already? Great! Be sure to first have a look below at all the customization options and accessories that are available for RLD Design Truck Caps. Educate yourself on what's available, then go ahead and request a quote. Please note the pricing shown above on this page is for the base model RLD cap that will fit the Tacoma bed length you select. Customizations and additional accessories will incur an additional charge, which is displayed next to the description of the RLD Truck Cap customizations described below.

PLEASE NOTE: These Tacoma truck caps have exploded in popularity since word got out at Overland Expo about a stainless steel truck canopy that's better quality even than an AluCab, and only about 20 lbs heavier, despite being made completely of stainless steel. The lead time for getting an RLD Truck Cap ready for install can vary depending on the customizations you select. We will do our best to provide an accurate estimate for you.

Wait, are these a Canopy or a Truck Cap? A Topper? Truck Camper? What's the difference?

Don't worry if you see these RLD Design Truck Caps called a 'canopy' or 'topper' or 'stainless cab' elsewhere- RLD truck canopies, truck caps, and truck toppers are all the same fantastic RLD product. Different regions tend to go for different names, just like 'soda' vs. 'pop' (or 'coke'). Here in California, most people refer to structures covering the truck bed as a truck cap, but on the east coast you'll often hear topper. In South Africa, where RLD Design is based, they go with canopy. The only exception to these synonyms is 'truck camper', which typically refers to more of a truck bed mountable mini-RV.

RLD Design Stainless Steel Toyota Tacoma Cap Features Included in Base Model

  • All stainless steel, TIG welded construction for an incredibly strong and durable canopy
  • Three solid rails are formed into roof section for increased rigidity and strength.
  • Pre-drilled (sealed) points to allow mounting of modular accessories, including RLD Design rack systems, side cabinets, roof-mounted drop-down table, etc.
  • Fully powder coated with specialty textured coating (paint-match available)
  • Rear door that houses the rear window & side doors are black in color by default (but door color can be changed as a customization)
  • Each door is outfitted with dual gas struts and opens upward (gull-wing style, with hinge on top)
  • Locking, oversized, adjustable pressure levers on all doors ensure your gear is secured
  • Front (cab-end) sliding window provides access from inside your truck
  • Rear window is made from toughened glass. Can be deleted for solid stainless steel as a customization. 
  • RLD canopies for 5 ft - 6 ft bed length trucks come with a single full-length door on each side of the cap.
  • RLD canopies for full-size trucks (6 ft or longer bed) come with double/twin doors on each side of the cap.
  • Each door has a full perimeter double layer seal for superior weatherproofing
  • Positive pressure inlet to reduce dust intrusion

PLEASE NOTE: Fulfillment and shipping times for your truck topper may be up to 60 days depending on customization options, accessories and truck cap shell color that is ordered. Please get in touch for lead times.

    Customize your Tacoma RLD Canopy with these Optional Upgrades for your Truck Topper

    PLEASE NOTE: Aside from window upgrades and powder coat color upgrades, the following optional customizations do not come pre-installed. As always, Rhino Adventure Gear is happy to assist with installation at either of our two California showrooms (located near San Francisco and San Diego).

    The Customized Upgrade Options for RLD Tacoma Caps described below can be ordered by reaching out for a quote (see details below).

    Rear Window Delete Option ($119.99)
    RLD Truck Caps come standard with a rear window. If you prefer a metal door instead of the glass window, do a rear window delete. Your topper will then have a solid metal rear door (black in color by default) in place of of the standard window in the back.

    Side Window Options ($335.99 for fixed windows; $419.99 for sliding windows)
    RLD Truck Caps come standard with solid doors on the sides of the topper. If you want side windows instead of doors (Windows can be great if you plan on sleeping in the bed of your Tacoma), you can choose from fixed windows or sliding windows.

    Basic Side Cabinet ($455.99 - $479.99 for half length; $533.99 - $557.99; for full length)
    The Basic Side Cabinets come empty inside and are powder coated black. If you're looking for a more extensive cabinet set up for your RLD canopy, you'll want to go with the kitchen kit instead (which also includes cabinets but comes stocked with additional equipment as well- see below). Available for the Driver Side, Passenger Side, or both sides of your Tacoma. To be clear, cabinets are accessed from the exterior of the canopy via the gull-wing side doors (this isn't an interior, RV-style camper-style kitchen "cabinet").

    Upgraded Side Kitchen Kit ($1547.99 - $1571.99 for half length; $1733.99 - $1757.99 for full length)
    RLD's Upgraded Kitchen Kit consists of a side cabinet that is stocked with everything you need for 6 place settings while camping. Within the cabinet, RLD includes a secure foam insert with custom cut outs to store the the dishware rattle-free, and an integrated drop-down table which can be used for food prep or to hold your stove (all black powder coated stainless steel). Cabinets for the Upgraded Kitchen Kit can go on the Driver Side or Passenger Side (or both, if you so desire).

    Dishware for 6 people included in the Upgraded Kitchen Kit consists of plastic large plates, small plates, bowls, & coffee cups; as well as metal forks, knives, spoons & teaspoons. Six glass drinking glasses are also included.

    Lion Box Rail Slider Kit ($479.99 - $503.99)
    These rails provide convenient side access to your RLD Design Lion Boxes and mount across the width of the cap, close to the roof in order to maximize storage space. Please note, rails are not compatible with full-length cabinets on both sides of vehicle, as this would eliminate the ability to access the boxes mounted on the rail.

    Custom Paint-Match Powder Coat ($725.00)
    RLD Design can also paint-match the color of your Taco for an aesthetically pleasing, custom appearance. You can choose whether 1) you want the doors of the truck cap to be paint-matched to your vehicle and go with a standard black or gray cap frame; OR 2) you want to use the paint-matching power coat on the cap frame and have standard black doors

    PLEASE NOTE: The color you select for the doors also applies not just to the side doors, but also the rear door of the truck cap that surrounds the rear window. 

    The Tacomas shown in the product photos are an example of a black cap with custom white doors (the white Tacoma) and a paint-matched cap (milk tea colored) with the standard, black doors (the milk tea Tacoma). Since all sides and the rear of the topper are doors, your color choice for the door affects a rather large surface area.

    Order Your Customized RLD Tacoma Truck Cap Here

    Simply complete the Custom RLD Stainless Steel Truck Cap Order Form and we will get back to you with a quote ASAP so you can review and complete the purchase.

    PLEASE NOTE: As stated above, fulfillment and shipping times for your RLD cap may be up to 60 days depending on customization options, accessories and color options that are ordered. Please get in touch for lead times, or just complete the order form above and we will include the time line with the pricing information.

    Additional Truck Cap Equipment Available From RLD Design

    Platform Roof Rack
    Just like the canopy, RLD Platform Rack Systems are constructed of powder coated stainless steel. Utilize the strength and durability of your RLD stainless cab with an equally well-built, matching rack system. The RLD roof rack fits seamlessly on the RLD topper, no modifications necessary, just a simple bolt-on installation. Please see RLD Platform Rack page for photos and more details.

    Load Bar Kit Cross Bar Roof Rack 
    RLD load bars are cross bars engineered to complement the contours of the reinforced ribbing of the RLD stainless steel caps. This allows for footless mounting and a low profile cross bar system. Check out the RLD Load Bar Kit page for more information.

    Lion Box Rail Slider Kit
    Keep the interior of your RLD Canopy organized and functional with a Lion Box Rail Slider kit for your truck bed. Includes a stainless steel rail slider shelf that spans the width of the cap, near the front end; closest to the passenger area of your truck. Three or four Lion Boxes (similar to ammo can storage boxes) fit on the slider. Stowing storage boxes up on the rail slider allows you to utilize the overhead space deep in the bed. Lion Boxes are accessed through the gull-wing doors on either side of the canopy. Please see RLD Lion Box Rail Slider Kit page (coming soon!) for photos and more details on options and construction information.

    RLD Stainless Steel Canopy Video