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      The stainless steel Platform Roof Rack allows you to utilize the full capability of your RLD truck cap, and look good doing it. The sleek, black powder-coated rack system provides a clean, low profile look no matter what color configuration of RLD truck cap you go for.

      RLD Platform Roof Rack vs. RLD Load Bar Kit for Truck Caps

      The decision to go with a set of load bars (cross bars) or a platform rack is truly a matter of personal preference. Both the RLD Platform Roof Rack and the RLD Load Bar Kit will get the job done when it comes to securely mounting gear on your truck cap. In some ways, the larger surface area of the platform rack system allows you more options for mounting small items like Maxtrax, fishing equipment, or jerry cans. However, with all the interior storage space inside the RLD truck cap, you are unlikely to find yourself limited in terms of cargo space if you decide to go with the load bar kit. 

      The platform rack mounting tracks are specifically designed to enable easy fitment of James Baroud roof top tents. For most other roof top tents, the load bar kit is a great solution.

      RLD Platform Roof Rack Components

      • Black powder-coated stainless steel platform roof rack
      • Black powder-coated stainless steel load bars
      • Installation brackets and hardware
      • Installation and use instructions

      We are happy to help with installation of all RLD Design products we carry. Please get in touch if you have any questions.