RHINO-RACK Batwing Awning Bracket Kit (Tracklander Roof Tray)

SKU: RR-31104

Need to mount an awning to your roof rack? Check below to make sure this bracket kit is compatible with your awning and rack system. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! We are happy to assist you!

We offer professional installations on all Rhino Rack products, including awnings and rack systems. Let us know if you need help mounting an awning next to your roof top tent or other gear!

Awning Compatibility of Batwing Awning Bracket Kit

This bracket kit is compatible with the Rhino Rack Batwing Awning and Foxwing Awning.

Brackets may potentially also be used to mount other equipment to Tracklander Roof Trays, such as off-road vehicle first aid kits. (Again, please reach out for questions about mounting other accessories to your vehicle).

Roof Rack Compatibility of Batwing Awning Bracket Kit

This bracket kit is designed for a Tracklander Roof Tray.

This Batwing Awning Bracket Kit can be used with both open channel and close channel bars. It will fit rectangular shaped cross bars up to 42mm in height. It can also fit on the underside of an open channel via a 25mm hex bolt and channel nut.

Please see the Rhino Rack Fitting Instructions, or get in touch if you have any questions about the compatibility of these awning brackets with your system.

Batwing Awning Bracket Kit Features & Specifications

  • Contains 2 brackets and all necessary hardware
  • Materials: powder coated, non-corrosive steel
  • Used to mount your Batwing Awning or Foxwing Awning to your Tracklander Roof Tray
  • Compatible with left-side and right-side mounting
  • Simple installation