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      Batwing Awning Set Up Video

      The new Batwing Awning is jam packed with new features and design improvements that come from years of accumulating customer feedback and attentive engineering. From its sleek all black support structure and ultra high quality materials, to its major user friendliness upgrades including improved awning leg designs and storage solutions- the Batwing Awning was built with you in mind.

      New Feature Upgrades of Batwing Awning:

      • Integrated legs simply fold down from awning arms- no more separate storage bag to keep track of, no more constantly assembling, adjusting, and disassembling poles. All components fit in the rack-mounted storage bag.
      • Clever inner storage pouch to keep ropes and pegs means no additional parts to store in your vehicle.
      • Roomier black storage bag has more wiggle room for a faster pack up
      • Channel access point in back of awning allows you to mount lightweight accessories
      • Additional reinforced tie down points
      • Front end of storage bag includes thick plastic molding to protect awning from impacts when driving through overhead brush
      • Molded footing on legs makes it quick and easy to stake down awning legs
      • Material improvements include: High quality double-stitching on all velcro, thicker/heavier duty storage bag, larger zipper pull tabs on storage bag, new magnetic locking system for storing awning arms, and more.

      Rhino Rack Batwing Awning Features:

      • Dimensions:
        • 98"(L) x 98" (W) x 91" (H)
        • Weight: 47 lbs
        • Provides 270 degrees of shade covering 118 sq ft
      • Awning Material (210D P/OX W/R PU2000mm):
        • Lightweight
        • Ripstop
        • Water and mold resistant
        • Independently tested UV50+ rating
        • Endorsed by Cancer Council (some proceeds are donated to cancer research)
      • Pegs and guy ropes kept inside the awning in an enclosed pocket
      • Awning Legs:
        • Fold out from the awning arms for easy access and no need for separate leg/peg/rope bag; everything is stored in the awning bag on the roof rack
        • Made of lightweight, rust-proof black powder coated aluminum
        • Adjustable up to 7.5 ft high and can be packed away at pre-set length that you optimize for your vehicle, or fully extended.
        • Molded foot at base of legs includes dual peg receivers for staking legs into the ground.
      • Rhino-Rack branded pickup point included to tie off the awning to your roof racks
      • Thick plastic moulding protects front of awning from stray branches if you're driving through brush
      • Sleek and spacious black storage bag made of heavy duty 580gsm PVC. Can be replaced if it gets damaged.
      • Oversized zipper tabs on storage bag for easy use. Zipper track has been redesigned so it easily zips over the front end protective molding
      • Rare earth neodymium magnets lock each awning arm in place when storing in bag for transport

      Batwing Awning Features Video


      Rhino Rack Batwing Awning Includes:

      • 270 degree lightweight, ripstop, water and mold-resistant awning
      • Heavy-duty, black awning cover bag
      • 10 Pegs
      • 8 Ropes (4 with hooks)
      • Velcro-closing Peg & Rope Pouch integrated inside awning cover bag
      • Tie Down point and strap
      • 2 Multi-fit brackets and hardware
      • 2 spare Hinge Knuckles
      • 1 year manufacturer's warranty

      Additionally available Rhino Rack awning accessories include Batwing floor mat, extension/wall panels, a side tent, and awning roof extension panels. Please get in touch if you have any questions about awning accessories, installation, roof rack, compatibility, etc!