iKAMPER Spare Mounting Brackets v. 2.0

SKU: SK-5113

All iKamper roof top tents come with a set of mounting brackets included. This is an extra set of the standard iKamper mounting brackets. Should you need a spare set, or wish to upgrade from the older model, you're in the right place. If you would like to add a locking functionality to your mounting brackets, please purchase the Anti-Theft Mounting Bracket Locks that are compatible with this product.

iKamper's reinvented mounting brackets allow for quick and easy mounting of their roof top tents on a wide variety of vehicles and crossbars. 

Self assembly required. Please see product photos for visual instructions. If you need assistance installing your iKamper, we offer installation services at Rhino Adventure Gear's two CA locations.  

Included Components:

  • 8 Bracket components
  • 4 Allen bolts (6mm)
  • 4 Threaded bars
  • 4 Un-threaded bars
  • 16 Bar caps
  • 4 Rail end caps
  • Allen wrench
  • Manual Card

Cross Bar Compatibility of iKamper Mounting Brackets (2.0)

NOTE: each iKamper roof top tent comes equipped with mounting brackets. The brackets offered here are for customers needing to purchase an extra set, or wanting to upgrade from their original (v. 1.0) iKamper Mounting Brackets.