iKAMPER Anti-Theft Mounting Bracket Locks (v. 2.0 & v. 3.0)

SKU: SK-5901

Lock your iKamper Roof Top Tent to your cross bars for peace of mind when you are out for a hike or away from your vehicle. The locks prevent access to the crucial allen bolts that secure the mounting brackets to the cross bars of your roof rack, unless you have the key to unlock it. 

Two locks are included, and one can be attached to each cross bar of your roof rack to help deter unauthorized removal of your iKamper Roof Top Tent from your vehicle.

Mounting Bracket Locks do NOT prevent your iKamper shell from being opened. These locks are intended to deter the removal of the entire roof top tent from your vehicle, by locking the mounting brackets to your cross bars or rack system. Please do not confuse these bracket locks with shell locks.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is only the lock & key component, it does not include the mounting brackets. Be sure to order the same version of Locks as the version of Mounting Brackets you have (v2.0 Locks only work with v2.0 Mounting Brackets, and v3.0 Locks only work with v3.0 Mounting Brackets).

The Mounting Brackets (v2.0 or v3.0) are sold separately (or it may have come with your tent, if you purchased a Skycamp 2.0 or 3.0). Please have a close look at the pictures to make sure you have the version of iKamper mounting bracket that is compatible with this lock & key before purchasing.

If you want to add locks but have the original iKamper Mounting Bracket 1.0 (which looked like a flattened, elongated U), you have two options:

  1. Get the Anti-Theft Mounting Bracket Lock 1.0, not this product.
  2. Buy both the Mounting Bracket (v 2.0 or v3.0) AND the corresponding Anti-Theft Mounting Bracket Locks (v 2.0 or v3.0). But these v 2.0 or v3.0 locks will not work with the original Mounting Brackets (1.0).