iKAMPER Spare Mounting Brackets v. 1.0

SKU: SK-MBS-0040

Mounting brackets are used to attach your roof top tent to your roof rack. iKamper's mounting brackets are compatible with both crossbar-style rack systems and platform-style rack systems. iKamper has updated the design of the mounting brackets that are included with their roof top tents, to a new 2.0 model of mounting bracket, which is available here. The product shown on this page is the original, 1.0 model of mounting bracket, shaped like a flattened U.

PLEASE NOTE: These Spare Mounting Brackets v. 1.0 are compatible with all iKamper roof top tents. 

While all iKamper roof top tents are compatible with both v. 1.0 and v. 2.0 mounting brackets, some customers may have roof racks that only work with v. 1.0 mounting brackets. Specifically, if the cross bars of your roof rack are more than 1.2" tall and you bought a Skycamp 2.0, you will need to purchase a spare set of these v. 1.0 mounting brackets in order to fit your iKamper to your roof rack. The new v. 2.0 mounting brackets that come with the new 2.0 tents cannot accommodate crossbars that are more than 1.2" high.

Again, these v. 1.0 spare mounting bracket are compatible with all iKamper tents (v. 1.0 of Skycamp and Skycamp 2X; as well as v. 2.0  of the Skycamp and the 2X).

It is your rack system that determines which style of spare mounting bracket you need, not what model of tent you have.

Anti-Theft Lock Compatibility with iKamper Mounting Brackets

If you would like to lock your iKamper roof top tent to your roof rack, iKamper also makes anti-theft locks that require a key to access the mounting brackets. These are sold separately from the mounting brackets, and you need to make sure you purchase the correct locks that go with the version of mounting brackets you have. For anti-theft locks compatible with these 1.0 mounting brackets, only the 1.0 anti-theft mounting bracket locks are compatible, however these are no longer made and are completely sold out.

If your crossbars are compatible with the 2.0 model of mounting bracket and you are wanting to add anti-theft locks, we recommend going with the 2.0 brackets & 2.0 locks instead of the v. 1.0 set up. This is because less vertical clearance is needed underneath the rack system to fit the key of the 2.0 anti-theft lock system in place, potentially allowing a lower profile set up, and the 2.0 mounting brackets are easier to install/uninstall compared to the original 1.0 system.

As always, we offer installation services on all of our products, and are happy to help you get your roof top tent properly fitted to your vehicle.