iKAMPER Annex (Add-on) for Skycamp Mini

Vehicle Height Compatibility
SKU: SK-A-ANX-0030

Add an annex to your Skycamp Mini Roof Top Tent! An annex is like a ground tent enclosure that attaches to the canopy of your iKamper. It allows you to ascend and egress from the tent in the shelter of your 'downstairs' annex room. The Skycamp Mini Annex is great for keeping the bugs at bay, providing additional sleeping or storage space, and offering an extra bit of privacy or shade to relax in.

Choosing the Right Fit- HI or LO Annex?

First make sure you have a Skycamp MINI. If you have a Skycamp 2.0 or X-Cover, please check out the compatible annexes for those roof top tent models here.

Great, so you have a Skycamp Mini! Please measure how high off the ground the crossbars or platform rack that your iKamper Skycamp Mini is mounted on is. The 'LO' model works well for smaller vehicles and truck bed-mounted Skycamp Minis, whereas the 'HI' model is for higher vehicles. Exact measurements are below.

Skycamp Mini Annex Dimensions

Skycamp Mini Annex HI: 118 - 134" (L) X 118 - 134" (W) X 67.3 - 78.7" (H)
For crossbar heights of 67.3 to 78.7"

Skycamp Mini Annex LO: 118 - 134" (L) X 118 - 134" (W) X 59 - 67" (H)
For crossbar heights of 59 to 67"

Skycamp Mini Annex Features

  • Attaches directly to Skycamp Mini entrance to enclose the ladder area
    (*Due to the attachment point for the Annex being the same as for the iKamper Awning, the annex and awning cannot be used at the same time).
  • Spacious and adaptable living space
  • 3 large doors, each with solid fabric and mosquito screen mesh
  • Doors can be converted into canopies using included tent poles.
  • Waterproof (150D Polyester with 3000mm PU color coating)
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty

Skycamp Mini Annex Components

  • Annex with 3 doors
  • 2 poles
  • 12 stakes
  • 2 guy ropes
  • 2 rope adjusters
  • 1 storage bag