CAMP KING INDUSTRIES Awning Brackets for Rooftop Tent and Outback Series Canopy Camper

Camp King Camper Style
Vehicle Side

Looking to mount your Camp King Protector Series Free-Standing Awning? Have another free-standing awning that you want to mount to your Camp King Roof Top Tent or Outback Series Canopy Camper? Look no further, these Camp King-specific 3mm stainless steel laser-cut awning brackets are the ticket. 

Camp King Stainless Steel Awning Bracket Features 

  • Designed specifically for the Camp King Tent and or Outback Canopy Camper
  • No need to rely on a rack to hold your free-standing awning. Instead, take advantage of the aluminum construction of the Camp King units and mount the awning directly to your Camp King unit.
  • Creates an incredibly simple, low profile, yet strong mounting point necessary to support these true free-standing awnings
  • Can be positioned to suit the length of your awning as needed.
  • Brackets come with M8 x 1.25 stainless steel hardware for mounting
  • CNC Laser cut and folded for maximum precision.
  • Available in both USA Driver and Passenger side configurations
  • Engineered to hold over 300lbs of static load
  • Select the appropriate bracket model based on which side of your vehicle your awning will be mounted on.

Special Note

  • Awning brackets for the Camp King Roof Top Tent are different than the brackets for the  Camp King Outback Series. 
  • Please make sure to choose the correct awning bracket based on what type of Camp King Unit you have (Roof Top Tent or Outback Canopy Camper)
  • Awning brackets are side specific. Choose the awning bracket that matches your awning side. (US driver side or US passenger)