UBCO Towball Mount Bike Rack for Ubco 2x2 Electric Adventure Bike

SKU: UB-5100

Taking your Ubco 2x2 on a road trip? Maybe you're going camping with some friends and want to get in some highway miles with a passenger vehicle before deploying your electric 2x2 bike in the back country. If you want to explore further afield with your 2x2, this bike rack will help you get it there.

With the Ubco Towball-Mount Bike Rack, you can transport your 2x2 Electric Adventure Bike on the back of any vehicle that is equipped with an appropriate size ball mount. Please note: if your vehicle only has a tube receiver, you will also need a ball mount in order to use an Ubco 2x2 Bike Rack. The bike rack's mounting tube slides over the towball and is secured via screws that lock into place under the towball.

The spacing and width of the bike rack arms are engineered to specifically fit the frame of the Ubco 2x2 electric bike. Have a close look at the product photos with the 2x2 bike in them and you can see where the bike rack arms come through the bike frame.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about compatibility of the Ubco Bike Rack with your hitch set up!


Towball Mount Bike Rack Specifications

  • Hitch Compatibility: **Suitable for 1 7/8 inch towballs only**
  • Materials: Black powder coated 250 steel with foam covering to protect bike
  • Features: Comes equipped with Elastic Tie Downs (5x)
  • Features: Foam coating on bike rack arms for shock absorption on bumpy trails
  • Dimensions: 17.32″ W x 16.53″ L x 27.36" H
  • Load Capacity: We recommend removing the battery before lifting the bike onto the rack. The rack can handle it either way, but it'll be ~37 lbs easier for you to lift the bike if you remove the battery first.