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      PLEASE NOTE: To insure the part number you order is compatible with your vehicle, please reach out to us with information about the make, model and year of your vehicle. Slightly different bracket styles are required for mounting the BantamX in different locations and vehicles so it is important to let us know your vehicle information. Also prepare to state your preferences for the following options:

      • Choose the Touchscreen Panel mounting system you prefer: a newly designed universal articulating mounting bracket is now included, but the older RAM ball/socket system is still available by request, for an additional fee.
      • Mounting brackets for the BantamX are not included in the base price, as they vary slightly in price depending on vehicle type (+$30 to +$33). 
      • Choose to add Extended Battery Cable (84” instead of 36”) (+$15.00)

      We will prepare a custom quote with accurate pricing for all your selections after you contact us. 

      sPOD Bantam Highlights Video

      Video Credit: sPOD

      Comparison of Bantam vs. BantamX physical dimensions and housing Video

      Video Credit: sPOD

      sPOD BantamX Features

      • High current capabilities (30 amps per circuit) with a maximum 100 amp capacity. Operates on 12 or 24 VDC.
      • Small footprint: 5.38” (W) x 5.38” (L) x 1.16” (H) 
      • Each switch is programmable for: Dimming, Strobe, Flash, Momentary, "on-road" mode, & "off-road" mode. Switches can be programmed using the Bantam App on a smartphone or tablet.
      • Switch linking (create a master switch to control other switches within the same panel).
      • Flexibility to add multiple controller types including: Touchscreen Panel; HD smart controller; hard rocker switches; or wirelessly using the Bantam App on a smart phone, tablet or any Bluetooth LE enabled device.
      • Expandable up to 32 circuits that can be controlled with single Touchscreen Panel, or infinite number of circuits with use of additional controllers, limited only by the supplied power source.
      • Ethernet cable interconnect with a 25’ foot distance limitation.
      • Fully programmable via free Bantam app. *Download the sPOD Bantam App at the Apple Store for iPhones and iPads or on Google Play for Android devices. Note that there is a free app, and a Pro-Series app (paid) that includes additional features.
      • Current monitoring for each switch (via Touchscreen Panel and App).
      • Protection against: over current, over heat, short, reverse polarity protection, and field collapse.
      • Low voltage detection circuit that will monitor battery voltage and shut off system and all attached accessories (LVCO) when battery voltage drops below 11.2 VDC.
      • Ignition control & safety lock-out features for two circuits (switches 1 & 2).
      • 16-position terminal block for end user connections (both ground and power).
      • Powder-coated steel base with built-in hardware, silicone gasket for weatherproofing, aluminum cover secured by thumbscrew
      • Two universal mounting bracket options (flat or 90-degree bend)
      • 8-position input terminal block for controlling outputs (3.3 to 24 VDC inputs). 

      sPOD Touchscreen Control Module Features 

      Touchscreen Control Module Specifications

      • Touchscreen Control Module Dimensions: 3.75”W x 2.9”H x 0.625″D
      • Touchscreen Control Module Housing: protective aluminum billet enclosure with 1" RAM mount ball on backing. Housing is not waterproof.
      • Touchscreen Panel Specifications: 3.5" LED backlit TFT LCD display with 320 x 240 screen resolution, 16.7m colors, and 180-degree viewing angle
      • Touchscreen Control Module connects to the Bantam Power Distribution System via 10ft Ethernet cable
      • Multi Source System Selection: One touchscreen can control up to 32 circuits (up to four sPOD Bantam systems)
      • Multiple Touchscreen Panels can be wired to control a single Bantam (if you want touchscreen control modules in multiple locations) 
      • Touchscreen Panel backlight dimming & auto-off after 30 minutes of inactivity (adjustable in Settings)
      • Automatic power off after 6 hours of inactivity or engine not running (Deep sleep mode)
      • One-touch off function; one second hold of off button shuts all circuits down
      • Automatic system shut down if touchscreen is unplugged.
      • Customize the name or icon displayed for each switch.
      • Can be programmed from Settings menu of Touchscreen Panel, or using the Bantam App on a bluetooth-capable smartphone coupled to the integrated short-range bluetooth of the Touchscreen Panel.

      Touchscreen Panel Display Information: Main Control Screen

      • On/Off button
      • Off Road Mode button
      • Slider for dimming off road lights
      • Custom Programmable Names for each of the 8 Switches
      • Voltage (vehicle's battery & alternator voltage)
      • Temperature of sPOD Bantam board (shown on screen)
      • Setup Menu button