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      RLD Design GhostAwn 360 Awning Design Features

      • Fast and easy set-up (see video below). Just walk it out and tighten a few straps.
      • Built-in guy lines are conveniently pre-attached to awning arms and should be anchored to the ground using included stakes for use when wind conditions exceed 15 mph. 
      • Included stakes are engineered with extension springs that apply resistance on the guy wire and reduce the impact of sudden wind gusts.
      • Usage in wind conditions exceeding 15mph requires stakes and should be done at the user's own risk. Use common sense when deploying in windy conditions given the massive size and coverage the awning provides. 
      • Awning frame and arms are built using reinforced all-aluminum construction, resulting in an impressively lightweight (70 lb) product considering its massive size.
      • Awning fabric is high-tech, heavy-duty, waterproof aluminized polyester which reflects radiant thermal energy and is UV-resistant, keeping it cooler under the awning, even in the harsh sun.
      • The vaulted ceiling provides increased overhead space under the awning, making it feel even more spacious and preventing precipitation from pooling overhead.
      • Free-standing design means complete flexibility under the awning, no need to maneuver around vertical support legs, or worry about adjusting poles to accommodate rocks or uneven terrain.
      • The GhostAwn 360 Awning can be mounted on the RLD Platform Rack, and 4 series Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform with additional required mounting arms (not included). Other platform racks may require modifications/custom fitment.
      • Awnings and can be fitted to either side of the vehicle. 

      RLD Design GhostAwn 360 Awning Specifications

      Weight: 68 lbs
      Dimensions: 96" x 9" x 10"
      Fitment: Left or Right Side Mount
      Rack Compatibility: RLD Design Platform Rack, Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform, FrontRunner Slimline Platform with separate awning brackets. Other racks may be compatible, however may require please custom brackets & customization. Please inquire for more information. 

      RLD Design GhostAwn 360 Awning Deployment and Features Videos

      Video Credit: Adventure Ready