RHINO-RACK Vortex Bar Roof Rack Crossbar- Black (50", 54", 59")

Bar Length

Rhino-Rack Vortex Bar crossbars are suitable for both recreational and commercial applications, and will support mounting a roof top tent. Vortex Bars can be purchased in black or silver at 7 different predefined lengths to suit roof rack needs for different vehicles. Our 3 best selling models are shown here, please just let us know if you need a different size crossbar, or just want to double check what you should get for your vehicle.

All bars include the Vortex Generating Strip (VGS)- a rubber strip which has been designed to reduce wind drag and noise as well as providing added protection for your roof racks and load. All crossbars include end caps.

PLEASE NOTE: Feet/legs are not included with these crossbars. If your vehicle has side rails, the SX100 legs are designed to fit with Vortex Bar crossbars. Other leg kits are available, please reach out and tell us about your vehicle.

PLEASE NOTE: Free Shipping is available on Vortex Bars.

Rhino Rack Vortex Bar Roof Rack Crossbar Features

  • Low profile design
  • Strong and durable for off-road and commercial use
  • Made from extruded structural aluminum and slightly curved to match the contour of your roof
  • Vortex Bars come in black and silver color options (please inquire for silver)
  • Vortex Bars are cut to predefined lengths suitable for most vehicles
  • All Vortex bars come with SECURE-CORE locking end caps that are Master Key compatible
  • All Vortex Bars come with the Rhino-Rack VGS wind-drag reducing strip
  • Compatible with a full line of Vortex Bar accessories

Maximum on-road dynamic load capacity for two crossbars is 220 lbs. *Please note that load capacity is limited by the lowest rated component of your roof rack system. Ratings are reduced by a factor of 1.5 for off road use, to compensate for higher forces acting on unsealed roads.

Need help figuring out what roof rack products to order?

We can design custom roof rack setups for most vehicles to fit your specific storage and or rooftop tent requirements. Some of our most popular products are available online, but for a complete review of our capabilities, please reach out via phone or email. We're more than happy to walk you through various design applications for your custom build.