RHINO-RACK Pioneer Pickup Kit

SKU: RR-43175

The Pioneer Pickup Kit allows you to secure items to your Pioneer system very quickly & easily using the included ratchet straps with loops on the ends.

The mounting blocks are designed with a low profile to minimize wind resistance and are easily installed into the C-Channels of the Pioneer Platform rack system. Use it for mounting recovery traction boards, duffle bags, gear boxes and more- the 6ft ratchet straps provide lots of flexibility. With this kit, you can get on the road faster than ever before!

Rhino-Rack Pioneer Pickup Kit Components and Features

  • 2x blue ratchet straps (72.8")
  • 4x cleat tie down points (mounting blocks)
  • All the required hardware for installation
  • Lashing capacity: 496 lb
  • 1 Year Warranty