REDARC Smart Battery Monitor



Leave your power worries behind and focus on what matters. REDARC’s Smart Battery Monitor allows you to step into every adventure with complete confidence, thanks to its unrivalled accuracy, Bluetooth connectivity range and easy monitoring.

When out in the wild, the last thing you want to worry about is your power. The Smart Battery Monitor connects your 12V system to your phone via Bluetooth and delivers precise, real-time battery information to your fingertips.


As the most accurate battery monitor on the market, you can trust the Smart Battery Monitor to give you the right information when you need it most. Easily view your battery levels and an estimate of how many days power you have left, all there and updated in real-time. Up to 5 times more accurate than the leading competitor, you can trust that '2 Hours Left' means '2 Hours Left'.


Get monitoring in minutes with just three connection points and convenient configuration app. Quick and easy to add to your 12V power system. Open the app with a single touch, and your battery details are right there. It's the easy choice for keeping track of your batteries, start monitoring in minutes. 


The latest Bluetooth 5.1 technology delivers reliability over longer distances, keeping you connected anywhere at camp. The Smart Battery Monitor connects over distances up to 137ft, nearly 1.5x further than the competition. 


Each Smart Battery Monitor is designed, tested, and manufactured in Australia and backed by our leading technical support. Our rigorous testing ensures that the Smart Battery Monitor won’t let you down when the road gets rough. It has been designed and tested for the toughest conditions, so no matter where you go, you can be confident you’re getting accurate battery information.  


The RedVision app delivers vital information to your fingertips including state of charge, charge remaining and current flow. It seamlessly integrates with the RedVision app through a reliable Bluetooth connection, meaning you can spend more time exploring and less time worrying about your batteries.  \


*Please note, the Smart Battery Monitor is not suitable for external or engine bay mounting.