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      Benefits of incorporating a REDARC Manager30 to your set up

      • Charges your auxiliary battery on the go with DC (alternator), solar or AC when at camp.
      • Keeps your fridge running and your food and beers cold.
      • Monitor all battery vitals and data on the screen.
      • Gives you simple-to-read/ user-friendly info about your 12V system: power in and out, stats about solar power, how many hours you have left at camp until needing to pull out solar panels etc.
      • Works with all battery types, including lithium.
      • Isolates your start battery so no more flat battery when you leave the lights on at night.

      Boasting 30 amps of power output, The Manager30 is a state-of-the-art battery management system designed to charge and maintain auxiliary batteries by incorporating AC, DC, and solar inputs.

      Whether using lead-acid, gel, calcium, AGM or lithium iron phosphate batteries, The Manager30 represents a complete battery charging and maintenance solution.

      If charging one auxiliary battery or more, The Manager30 will ensure they’re always fully charged, providing peace of mind when using the comforts of home while traveling around North America.

      The Manager30 operates like six products in one:

      1. Charges auxiliary batteries from the vehicle alternator while on the move
      2. It’s a 110 volt AC shore mains power charger
      3. A MPPT solar regulator
      4. A battery isolator
      5. A load disconnect controller
      6. Includes a remote battery monitor, making it market-leading.

      REDARC Manager30 Specs

      Input Voltage 110VAC/ 9 - 32VDC
      Output Voltage 12VDC
      Maximum Charging Voltage 16.0V* (*Calcium setting in storage mode)
      Output Current Rating (Cont.) 30A
      Output Power 520w
      Input Fuse Rating 50A
      Output Fuse Rating 40A
      Length (in) 17.5"
      Width (in) 7.3"
      Height (in) 3.1"
      Warranty 2
      Weight (lb) 12.1
      Protection Short Circuit, Surge, Reverse Polarity, Overload