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      The reversible design allows you to adhere the suction cups to the inside of your vehicle's window with the reflective silver side facing out, to keep the heat out; or with the reflective silver side facing in, to keep the heat in. 

      The James Baroud Insulation Kit is made of polyester flannelette sandwiched between two insulated layers. On one side is a reinforced aluminized sheet and on the other side there is PVC.

      James Baroud has lovingly measured all the windows of many popular overland vehicles and crafted these quality insulation panels to fit just right for each vehicle. This precision fitment helps prevent any stray transfer of heat or light, ensuring the most effective insulation kit possible. Unlike a simple windshield sun shade, the insulation kit is effective at all times of day and angles of the sun, since all windows, including the rear of the vehicle are protected. 

      Installation of Vehicle Insulation Kit

      When you first receive the insulation kit, you'll need to attach the suction cups to the panels using the keyrings provided. After this one-time setup, using the panels is as simple as pushing the suction cups onto each window. The rings not only hold the insulation panel to the suction cup, but also act as a pull point when you want to remove the suction cup from your window and take the panels down. It's that simple!

      James Baroud Vehicle Insulation Kit Demo Video: 200 Series Land Cruiser

      Please have a look at the video below to see how the panels are installed and what they look like when used in a vehicle.