JAMES BAROUD Tunnel Attachment

JB RTT Compatibility

James Baroud Tunnel Attachment

The James Baroud Tunnel is designed to allow you to enter your James Baroud rooftop tent while completely shielded from inclement weather. The tunnel is naturally built to connect with the James Baroud awning (not included), to allow for an easy entrance. The unique design of the awning, coupled with the proprietary tunnel system attachment, gives you more efficient and comfortable living space when camping. Coupled with a James Baroud awning enclosure you can have a true enclosed living space. The Tunnel is made from the same material as the other awnings and roof top tents from James Baroud – six-layer aluminized polyester with an acrylic coating.


  • Retractable tunnel section
  • Nylon track and tools to attach to upper tent shell
  • Protective carry bag
  • Tunnels can be used without the James Baroud Awning 
  • Full illustrated installation and setup instructions

**Awning not included. This is the tunnel attachment of the tunnel awning only. If you are looking for both the Awning and the Tunnel in one kit, click here.**


A different tunnel model is needed for the Space RTT than for the full pop-up models of RTT (Evasion/Explorer/Grand Raid). Be sure to select the correct model. Note that no tunnel is compatible with the Discovery, Extreme, or Horizon Vision RTT models.