JAMES BAROUD Isothermic Kit (Insulation Lining for Roof Top Tent)

Roof Top Tent Model
Roof Top Tent Size
SKU: JAM-41873040000

The James Baroud Isothermic Kit offers an additional degree of insulation against harsh summer sun or cold winter nights. Adding this insulating liner to your tent will trap a layer of air between the inner lining and outer tent walls, which similar to dual pane windows, can help defend against harsh thermal conditions- hot or cold.  

Isothermic Kit Features

  • Isothermic kits are tailored to perfectly fit each model of James Baroud Roof Top Tents
  • Simply velcro the heavy fabric panels in place in the interior of your tent
  • Isothermic kit can remain installed while tent is closed
  • Insulating lining also reduces noise and light disturbances- the additional layer of thick fabric will help keep your sleeping area quieter and darker

**PLEASE NOTE** Due to high demand, there may be up to a 4-week wait for James Baroud products. Orders will be fulfilled as received. Feel free to call or email for current product availability.