IKAMPER Trash Caddy

SKU: SK-BA034-020

Avoid spoiling the drive home and pack out waste in this spare tire Trash Caddy.

There’s not always a convenient place to dispose of trash when recreating outdoors. Designed to hang from a spare tire, this caddy’s exterior position on your vehicle offers direct access to pack out anything you need right where you need it. The large opening at the top makes it easy to load, and a zipper wraps around the bottom to efficiently unload or clean. Perfect to reduce odor and mess inside your vehicle and free up valuable storage space.

Dual Purpose

Fill the caddy with items like firewood on the first leg of your trip, then with garbage and recyclables on your way back.


Compress any unused volume with the rolltop closure, and secure it with the buckle strap.


Rest assured, your trash won’t become a soggy mess in the rain.


  • Zipper Pockets - Store small items in zippered pockets on either side.

  • Side Pockets - Roadside tools and outdoor gear can be secured in the large side pockets and loop system
  • High Visibility - Trimmed with silver reflective tape to improve safety in dark or inclement weather conditions
  • Easy Care - Durable, water-repellent polyester is well suited to any adventure. Wipes clean as needed.