iKAMPER Inner Insulation Tent (Add on) for Skycamp or Skycamp Mini

iKamper Compatibility
SKU: SK-BC015-006

Add an additional layer of insulation to your iKamper Skycamp or Skycamp Mini with a cozy, quilted double-layered liner tent. The iKamper inner insulation liner is made of breathable poly-cotton material and can be easily attached to the inside of your iKamper Skycamp / Skycamp MiniRoof Top Tent. Windows and doors can be rolled up to modulate the degree of insulation to your liking. 

As you would expect, adding additional insulating layers helps not only with cold weather, but also provides sound dampening and a black-out curtain type effect that some light sleepers enjoy. 

PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to select the insulation tent that is compatible with your iKamper! There are options for the iKamper Skycamp 4X (v2.0 and v3.0) and for the iKamper Skycamp Mini. Neither of these will fit the Skycamp 2X or XCover.