iKamper Annex Vista Window (Add on) for iKamper Annex & Annex Plus

Annex Compatibility
SKU: SK-BC011-012

The Vista Window is an accessory for the iKamper Annex. The Vista Window is made of clear TPU and can replace one of the Annex's doors to provide beautiful views and daylight, even when the door is closed. 

The only available color is Dark Gray

Compatible with all iKamper Annex models manufactured after February 2020, including Annex Plus models.

If you aren't sure when your Annex was made, you can determine the compatibility of your Annex with the Vista Window by checking if the front door of the Annex has two zippers on it. The Vista Window attaches to the exterior/outermost zipper.

Note that due to the different sizes of annexes made by iKamper (full size or Mini), you will need to select the Vista Window size that fits the iKamper Annex you will use the window with. Annex sizing is in turn based on the type of iKamper roof top tent the annex attaches to. So ultimately the Annex Vista Window you select will be dictated by the type of iKamper Roof Top Tent you have:

  • Type 'A' Annex Vista Window is compatible with Annexes that pair to the Skycamp 3.0 (4X), Skycamp 3.0 (2X), & Skycamp 2.0 (4X)
  • Type 'B' Annex Vista Window is compatible with Annexes the Skycamp 3.0 Mini & Skycamp Mini