GOOSE GEAR Alu-Cab Alu-Cabin Canopy Camper Sleep Deck Panels

Sleep Panel Position

The Alu-Cabin Sleep Decks are designed to fit into notches in the top plates of the Goose Gear Alu-Cab Full Size Camper System to create a complete platform.

Sleep Deck Layout: 

  • Utility Module - Utility Module (REQUIRES 2 to create platform) 
  • Utility Module - Utility Module 5'5" Bed Infill Panel (Only needed on 
  • Middle Utility Module - Middle Utility Module (Only Needed for 6'5" Truck) 
  • Rear Sleep Deck Panels Options
    • Utility Module - Utility Module
    • Rear Power Management Module - Utility Module 
    • Rear Power Management Module - Rear Power Management Module
    • Rear Power Management Module - Rear Double Drawer Module
    • Rear Double Drawer Module - Rear Double Drawer Module
    • Rear Double Drawer Module - Utility Module