FRONT RUNNER Rack Mounted Bottle Opener


Never be stuck in the wild without a bottle opener again. This bottle opener attaches to either side of a Front Runner Roof Rack, so where your rack goes, your bottle opener does too.


Consists of:

1 x Bottle Opener Installation HardwareFitting Instructions

Materials used:

Black powder coated steel

Product Dimensions:

60mm (2.4'') L x 45mm (1.8'') W x 40mm (1.6'') H Weight:91g (3.2oz)

FRONT RUNNER Rack Mounted Bottle Opener Features

  • Fit a bottle opener to your rack for whenever you need to crack open a cool one.
  • Black powder coated stainless steel for protection against the elements.
  • Can be installed on the left or right side of the Front Runner Slimsport Rack by sliding the opener into any slat and fastening the bolt.
  • Can be installed anywhere along the sides of the Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack Tray by sliding the opener into the T-slot and fastening the bolt.