FRONT RUNNER Expander Chair Storage Bag (Single, Double)

Bag Capacity

These handy bags are used to store the Front Runner Expander Chairs and are available to fit either one or two chairs per bag. Protect your Front Runner Expander Chair and nearby objects from the elements as well as rattling when stored with this canvas bag.

Expander Chair Storage Bag Specifications

  • Single chair (fits 1 chair) bag dimensions:431mm (17") x 483mm (19") x 51mm (2") Weight:0.39kg (0.85 lbs)
  • Double chair (fits 2 chairs) bag dimensions: 455mm (17.9'') L x 46mm (1.8'') H x 150mm (5.9'') D
  • Chair(s) not included, they are sold separately.

FRONT RUNNER Expander Chair Storage Bag Features 

  • A canvas bag that holds one (1) Expander Chair.
  • Zippered access.
  • Two (2) carrier straps to support added weight.
  • Black nylon edging for added rigidity.
  • Reduces rattle when traveling.