DOMETIC CFX3 Protective Cover

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SKU: DM-9600026462

The Insulated Cover for Dometic CFX3 Fridge Freezers is thermally insulated against high ambient temperatures, thereby improving cooling efficiency and decreasing battery power draw. The cover's durable and heavy-duty fabric protects against scuffs and scratches, while outside pockets provide convenient storage and easy access to small items. Four fixing rings enable the unit to be safely secured in the vehicle. A plastic window gives a view of the cooler's LED display, as well as access to the power and temperature buttons.

The insulated cover is a practical, protective & energy saving accessory for your Dometic CFX3 fridge! Your battery will thank you for this upgrade.

NOTE: Please be sure to select the appropriate size cover for your model of CFX3 Fridge Freezer.


  • Dometic CFX3 Insulated Cover
  • Instruction manual
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

Dometic CFX3 Insulated Cover Features

  • Improves compressor efficiency and reduces power usage in hot climates
  • Reflective fabric provides thermal barrier against heat from direct sunlight
  • High-strength nylon fabric protects against direct impacts, scuffs & scratches
  • Custom fit allows for optimum compressor ventilation with access to controls and power inputs
  • Hook-and-loop lids allow easy access to your food and drinks when not cover is not in use
  • Extra storage pouches keep smaller items and extra cords within reach
  • Tie-down loop holds cooler firmly in position
  • Easy to remove and clean by just unzipping along the side and wiping down with a damp cloth

For complete documentation, have a look at Dometic's installation manual for the insulated covers. (It's quite intuitive: just orient the cooler so the vents match up with the vents in the cover, fold up the sides, zip up the zipper and you're done!)