CLAYMORE ULTRA MINI Rechargeable Area Light


The ULTRA MINI is remarkably light and compact(116 g / 4 oz), but can still last up to 24 hrs. It is equipped with a 3,500 mAh battery, with a maximum brightness of 500 lumens, and a three-color temperature control function.  
Store it anywhere as its compact body takes up little to no space. It is compatible as an auxiliary light source for action cameras such as GoPro because of its lightweight body.


  • USB Type-C, rechargeable (3,500 mAh)
  • Ultra-lightweight, only 116g (4 oz)
  • Easy carrying and enough brightening for multi-personal area
  • 3 light color temperatures (Cool White / Natural White / Warm White)
  • 500 lumens, 24 hrs runtime in Low
  • Fine dimming control by one button press and hold
  • Battery level indicator, including an SOS mode
  • Dust/weather resistant (IP 64)
  • High density / high power Samsung Li-ion battery and LED chip
  • Tripod compatible (1/4" socket)
  • 1 lm = 1 lumen = 1 candlelight