ARB Recovery Kits For Off Road Vehicle Use (RK9, RK11, RK12)

Recovery Kit

ARB Recovery Kits allow you to tackle any off road recovery situation. Bundling the essentials in a kit saves you money, and provides you with a customized bag to contain and protect your recovery gear. The ARB 4x4 accessories included in these kits have won awards and consistently rank as the top recovery gear on the market during destructive testing to compare the quality of different manufacturers' recovery equipment.

There are 3 ARB Recovery Kits to choose from, each with different selection of recovery gear from the same base 'menu' of offerings. Each of these kits is only suitable for vehicles weighing less than 5,600 lbs, such as Jeep Wranglers, small pick-ups like the Toyota Tacoma and small SUVs like the FJ Cruiser, Nissan Xterra and Toyota 4Runner.

ARB Recovery Kits available at Rhino Adventure Gear

 ARB Recovery Kits are designed for vehicles 5,600 lbs or less. If your vehicle weighs more than this, get in touch and we can assemble a similar kit, but substitute with ARB recovery components that are rated appropriately for heavier vehicles. Don't forget the relevant weight will be whatever the loaded weight of your vehicle is when you need to extract it- the weight of roof top tents, camp kitchens, portable showers etc. should be included!

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RK9- ARB Premium Recovery Kit

The Premium Recovery Kit is the most inclusive of the three off road recovery kits offered by ARB, and is the only kit that includes a recovery damper. Recovery dampers are an important safety feature in the unlikely event of a cable or strap failure, and they are mandatory for most 4WD competitions. So if you're planning on competing, or maybe you've seen a few YouTube videos of recreational recoveries gone wrong; this is the kit for you. 

RK11- ARB Essentials Recovery Kit

The Essentials Recovery Kit includes... the essentials. The inclusion of the Tree Trunk Protector and Snatch Block (compared to the Weekender Recovery kit) allows you to handle more advanced two vehicle recoveries with redirects as well as self-recovery with two-line pull winching.

RK12- ARB Weekender Recovery Kit

Useful for two vehicle recoveries only, if you're not doing anything extremely technical, this simple snatch strap & shackles set could get you unstuck with the help of a buddy.

ARB Recovery Equipment Specifications & Ratings

ARB705 Snatch Strap (in Recovery Kits: Premium, Essentials, Weekender)

orange snatch strap from ARB Recovery KitThe ARB705 snatch strap is orange, 29.5 ft long (9 m), 2.36" wide (60 mm), has 20% genuine stretch, is made of 100% nylon, and is rated to 17,500 lb (8,000 kg) minimum breaking strength- which is appropriate for most 4WD vehicles. ARB recommends using a snatch strap with a minimum breaking strength rated to 3-4x the vehicle weight. ARB705, like all ARB recovery straps, has reinforced eyes, and eye & seam protector sleeves.

Snatch Straps, or kinetic ropes, are engineered to stretch up to a certain point (20% of the strap's length) and then rapidly recoil, providing an extra jolt of pull when used in kinetic recoveries. When used properly, the recoil aids in recovery by applying the potential energy stored in the stretch to pull out the stuck vehicle, and it decreases the likelihood of vehicle damage compared to an inelastic, hard pull.

Only use genuine rated recovery points (do not tie down points and certainly never tow balls!) to attach shackles and straps to your vehicle. Remember, if anything breaks off, it will go flying at incredible speeds. For a good refresher on using snatch straps safely that really hammers home the need get bystanders and passengers to respectfully vacate the recovery zone, educate yourself on the huge amounts of force unleashed by this powerful recovery tool by reading this informative article on snatch straps from the South Africa Land Rover Club.

ARB2014 D Shackles (in Recovery Kits: Premium, Essentials, Weekender)

Two ARB D shackles with red 3/4" pins used in off road recovery kitsD shackles, also known as bow shackles in ARB's native Australia, are important connectors for winching and off road recoveries. The ARB2014 recovery shackles included in ARB recovery kits are rated for an in-line tension working load limit of 10,471 lb (4.75 metric ton). They are Type "S" galvanized D shackles and have a red powder-coated 3/4" (19 mm) pin. Each ARB recovery kit comes with a set of two D shackles.

ARB730 Tree Trunk Protector (in Recovery Kits: Premium, Essentials)

Bright green ARB Tree Trunk Protector strap for off road vehicle recoveryThe ARB730 Tree Trunk Protector Strap is green, 9.84 ft long (3 m), 3.15" wide (80 mm), made of 100% polyester, and is rated to a minimum breaking strength of 26,500 lb (12,000 kg). ARB730, like all ARB recovery straps, has reinforced eyes, and eye & seam protector sleeves. Tree trunk protectors are extra wide to protect tree trunks, but they can also be used as a recovery bridle to split the load between two recovery points, which reduces the stress on shackles and vehicle recovery points. This not only distributes the load, but can also help get a better angle for your shackle attachment if the situation doesn't allow a simple head-on alignment during a two vehicle recovery.

10100020 Snatch Block (in Recovery Kits: Premium, Essentials)

ARB Snatch Block used for off road vehicle recovery included in Premium and Essentials ARB recovery kitsWith side plates made of 6mm cold rolled steel and a specialized polymer pulley, this ARB snatch block has a working load limit of 20,000 lb (9,000 kg) and a breaking strength of 38,500 lb (17,500 kg). Weighing only 5.3 lb, this ultra light snatch block is still plenty strong. 10100020 has a pulley diameter of 4.3" (110 mm) and is compatible with cables 0.3"-0.5" (8mm - 13mm). A Snatch Block, or winch block, can be anchored to a fixed point (like a tree) and used to redirect the angle of your pull during winching. Additionally, when anchored, a snatch block can facilitate a double line pull, which allows you to spread the work done by your winch over twice the amount of line- essentially doubling your winch's load capacity.

ARB220 Recovery Damper (in Recovery Kit: Premium)

Orange ARB recovery damper shown on snatch strap during off road vehicle recoveryA recovery damper, or parachute rig, is an important safety feature in the unlikely event of a cable or strap failure, and they are mandatory for most 4WD competitions (ARB220 meets the 1100g minimum weight requirement for competitions). By filling the pouch of the damper with heavy sand or dirt and attaching it to the recovery line, if tension is suddenly released during recovery due to breakage, the damper will fall to the ground, bringing the line with it and absorbing the released energy, instead of letting the line and metal components rocket about. The ARB recovery damper is made from heavy duty vinyl and is bright orange with reflective tape for night time visibility. Between the two layers of vinyl there are long velcro strips to secure the damper to the line and reduce slipping.

ARB720 Winch Extension Strap (in Recovery Kit: Premium)

Purple winch extension strap that comes with RK9 ARB Premium off road recovery kitThe Winch Extension Strap, ARB720, is purple, 66 ft long (20 m), 2.17" wide (55 mm), made 100% from polyester, and is rated to 9,900 lbs (4,500 kg). ARB720, like all ARB recovery straps, has reinforced eyes, and eye & seam protector sleeves. Useful in situations where an anchor point is further away than your winch line can reach, sometimes a simple winch extension is exactly what you need for successful vehicle recovery.

GLOVES Leather Gloves (in Recovery Kits: Premium, Weekender)

Don't let the Essentials kit fool you by omitting this essential item. Even tough guys and gals need hand protection when performing off road recoveries.

ARB501 Winch Pack Recovery Bag (in Recovery Kit: Premium)

The recovery bag that comes with the ARB Premium Recovery Kit has compartments for all the components of the kit, including space for 3 recovery straps, dual side pouches for stowing the snatch block and D shackles, and space for the included gloves and recovery damper.

ARB502 Snatch Pack Recovery Bag (in Recovery Kit: Essentials)

The recovery bag that comes with the ARB Essentials Recovery Kit is a bit smaller than the Premium Kit's winch pack bag, but still has room for all the components of the recovery kit: 2 recovery straps, the snatch block, and 2 D shackles.

ARB503 Compact Recovery Bag (in Recovery Kit: Weekender)

The Weekender Recovery Kit comes with a durable Polyurathane (PU) coated cotton canvas bag with ARB Recovery gear topographic map pattern design on orange exterior. There are two internal pockets, so there is space in the bag to carry both a snatch strap and a recovery damper, even though the weekender recovery kit does not come with a recovery damper. This compact recovery bag also sports sewn-in, dedicated D shackle holders, heavy duty buckles and a durable rubber handle.  

Complete Your Off Road Recovery Kit

Bundled item recovery kits are fantastic, and offer great value over purchasing components individually, but don't neglect the basics. Be sure your arsenal of recovery equipment includes strong and dependable multipurpose emergency shovel. Please adventure responsibly and don't attempt an off road vehicle recovery without a legitimate first aid kit. It could literally save your life.

Be safe out there folks. And have fun getting stuck, and then getting unstuck! (and then getting stuck again, and then unstuck again... )