CLAYMORE V1040 Rechargeable Portable Fan


The V1040, sharing its design with the V600, comes with a bigger battery and advanced technology. It features a power bank function and a remote control with magnetic attachment. This fan/air circulator offers 4-step wind speed settings, a 1-4 hour timer, and various mounting options. It’s a powerful and versatile solution for air circulation, suitable for all seasons.

  • USB Type-C Rechargeable
  • Wireless Fan / Air Circulator for All Seasons
  • Remote Control with Magnetic Hold
  • Removable Safety Cage for Easy Cleaning
  • 4-Step Wind Speed / 1-4 Hrs Timer Setting
  • Various Mounting Options


  • Battery Capacity
    38.48 Wh
  • Timmer
    1 - 4 hrs
  • Max Airflow
    6.4 m/s
  • Speed Setting
    4 steps
  • Pack Capacity
    38.48 Wh
  • Single Cell Equivalent Capacity
    10,400 mAh @3.6V
  • Power
    USB-C port (Input): 5V 2A
    USB-A port (Output): 5V 1A
  • Run Time
    7 - 23 hrs
  • Charging Time
    5.5 hrs
  • Size
    282 x 252 x 410 mm
    (11.1 x 9.9 x 16.1 inch)
  • Weight
    910 g
    (2.01 lbs)
  • Battery Indicator
  • In the Box
    V1040, Case, Tripod Stand, Remote Control, Charging Cable (USB Type-C)

Comparing the V1040 vs the V600+, you get USB charging off the fan unit itself, you also have a slightly larger more powerful fan and the V1040 comes with a remote control.