CAMP KING INDUSTRIES 270 Degree Awning Wall Kit

Awning Side

Each section is made specifically for that area of the awning. 2100mm (82.5") in height with 5 peg loops in each wall to tie down.

Only sold in the kit. Walls 1 & 4 are fully solid with walls 2 & 3 having large windows

Adding a canvas wall kit to your 270-degree awning is the perfect way to increase the covered space around your vehicle. Each kit comprises 4 walls that easily zip to the awning itself, a simple one-person job.

All walls zip together and have 5 peg loops at the base of the wall allowing you to close in the area outside of your vehicle, protecting you from the elements. The two outer walls are fully solid with the two middle walls having large windows in them, creating great airflow.

Walls with windows can be zipped up. Not all walls need to be used at once.