iKamper ExoShell 270 Awning


Pre-Order now!

Order your ExoShell 270-degree awning via Rhino Adventure Gear today and ensure your place in line for the release on November 1st. We are getting a limited quantity of units at both our San Marcos and Fremont locations. Orders will be on a first come first serve basis, while supplies last. Customers placing preorders will have their units ready for pick up, installation, or shipping in the first week of November commensurate with the official iKamper release dates!

iKamper's ExoShell 270 awning features a black hardshell anodized aluminum case for unmatched durability, and fast and easy set up/pack down of your awning.

Providing a 121 sq ft of coverage, ExoShell 270 can be used with or without the integrated support legs. Compared to soft cover awnings, the ExoShell 270 hardshell case makes it easier to fold the fabric into the case. The protective hard shell design also adds the benefit of not getting dirty or rip easily.

Setup of iKamper ExoShell 270 Awning

ExoShell 270 can be set up as a freestanding awning, or used with the included integrated legs. On windy or rainy days, legs can be deployed for extra support. If additional support is needed, the legs can be stabilized using strings and stakes.

iKamper ExoShell 270 Awning Key Features

  • UV-Resistant Ripstop Fabric: The ExoShell 270 is made of ripstop fabric. The grid pattern of ripstop fabric makes it tear resistant and thus more durable. This ripstop fabric is coated with black pigment that has UV resistance effect. During sunny days, the temperature under ExoShell 270 will be lower.
  • Sustainable Materials: iKamper used recycled polyester and organic cotton when producing ExoShell 270.
  • Integrated Adjustable-Height Legs: The legs can be stored in the case under the fabric. When needed, the legs can be pulled out from the holder and extended. The length of the legs can easily be adjusted using the eye bolt.