DCS 200AH 12V Slimline Deep Cycle Lithium (LiFePo4) Battery (2nd Gen)



  • New Cell Design Geometry delivers increased durability.
  • New, refined LFP Chemistry with improved energy density. 
  • New Cell Pack provides significant gains in Cycle Life.
  • Laser-welded Cell Pack construction for superior mechanical strength.
  • Increased passive cooling performance through an all Aluminum construction. 
  • Completely sealed Cell Pack with Thermal Interface Resin.

A Slim 200Ah LFP Battery under 5” in thickness.
• Engine Starting Capable (1200 LCA)
• Guaranteed Grade A - DCS Cylindrical Cells.
• Mil-Spec Vibration tested BMS for maximum durability, safety and longevity.
• Durable Steel Enclosure (Serviceable).
• Very high Continuous Charge and Discharge Rates (See Data Sheet).
• Twin Terminal Configuration.
• DCS App with Bluetooth 4.0 Data Monitoring.
• Engineering & Tested in Australia.

With a thickness of only 4.921” this battery was designed to more efficiently utilize space in constrained interiors such as campers and UTEs. This Deep Cycle Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4/LFP) battery has 1200 LCA, a Max Charge Capacity of 200A and a Max Discharge Capacity of 250A. This battery uses 2C LFP Cells for an estimated Cycle Performance of 4000 Cycles @100% Depth of Discharge (DOD).

All DCS Batteries come standard with our custom, proprietary and MIL vibration tested 200A Battery Management System (BMS) which enables comprehensive real time monitoring via BLE 4.0 technology of the following: State of Charge (SOC), Time remaining, Battery pack Voltage, Power and Current, MOSFET temperature and Individual Cell Status.

This battery has a 5 year warranty.


1. DCS Batteries are uniquely capable. DCS makes the very first Lithium Battery that is truly capable of handling winching applications. All DCS Deep Cycle Batteries are capable of 1000 - 1400 LCA depending on the model.

2. DCS Batteries are built for durability. Developed for Military and Naval applications, our batteries use our own MIL Spec tested BMS and are tested for use in the harsh elements of the Australian Outback and have an Operating Temperature range of -22F to +176F.

3. DCS Batteries have a long life span. A long life span and high durability makes DCS batteries cost effective. The majority of our battery models have a 2500 cycle life span @ 100% Depth of Discharge. Calculated at an average use of 200 cycles/year that comes out to ~12.5 years.

It is very important to note that not all life span claims are equal. Each manufactures use different parameters for testing and many claims are based on theoretical, ideal conditions and do not account for cell chemistry aging (2% per year if used, 3% if unused).

4. DCS Batteries are cost effective. The only true and accurate way to calculate cost is to apply the purchase price to the overall lifetime use of the product. The lifetime cost of our 12V 100Ah battery is $0.32/kWh. For comparison, an Odyssey 34-PC1500 AGM battery has a lifetime cost of $1.93/kWh.

5. DCS Batteries are designed and engineered in-house from the ground up. All DCS batteries contain our own custom and proprietary Cell (CMS) and Battery Management System (BMS) that is MIL-STD 810G tested, with active cell balancing and continuous output of 200A.

Nominal Voltage 12.8V
Nominal Capacity (1Hr) 200Ah
Case Dimensions (L x W x H) 512mm x 125mm x 325mm
Weight 30.40 Kgs
Cycling voltage 11.5 ~ 14.6V
Charge voltage 14.0 ~ 14.6V
Float Voltage 13.5 ~ 13.7V
Maximum Charge Current 200A
Recommended Charge Current ≤140A
Maximum Discharge Current ≤250A
DCS BMS (internal) DCS active cell management system, over/under voltage, over current charge/discharge, low/high temperature protections
Cell Chemistry DCS 3.2V 5.0 – 7.2Ah Cylindrical (LifePO4)
Cycle Performance 4000 Cycles @ 100% DOD
LCA 1200
Ingress Protection IP54
Case Metal with 
Operating temp Range -30 to +110 degrees C
Terminals Top Mount M8 Stainless steel / Copper
Parallel Connections YES
Warranty 5 years return to base
Certifications UN 38.3, UL 1642, IEC 62133 & 62619, CE