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      NOTE: The 35W and 40W models are hinged on the shorter dimension and open "the long way". The 50W, 65W, and 100W models are hinged on the longer dimension and open "the short way". Please note the hinge location in the product photos.

      The 'W' in the model number refers to the Wi-Fi feature, and the number is the total volume of the unit in liters. The usable storage volume ends up being roughly the model number in quarts. So you can think of the 35W model as roughly 35QT.


      • Dometic CFX Single Zone Wi-Fi enabled fridge freezer
      • 6 ft 12V DC power cord
      • AC power cord
      • Instruction manual
      • 2-Year Limited Warranty

      Optional (sold separately)

      Dometic CFX Fridge Freezer Features

      CFX Fridge Freezer Electronic Component Features

      • CFX next-gen electronics include an intelligent automatic "turbo mode". The variable speed motor will ensure the temperature you set is reached quickly and maintained accurately.
      • Ultra Efficient Compressor = Ultra Quiet Fridge Freezer - incredibly efficient compressor is capable of achieving deep-freeze (-7.6 F) temperatures without whining about it
      • Digital display on front panel allows for precise control of temperature if you prefer physical push buttons over the Wi-Fi app.
      • 3 Stage Dynamic Battery Protection System automatically shuts the product off to prevent a dead car starter battery and improves car battery performance. Choose from Low/Med/High settings for voltage cut-off point.
      • Power using Solar Panels, DC, or AC - minimal draw when using AC or DC power source. With such an efficient compressor you can easily supplement your 12V system with an appropriate solar panel to run your fridge indefinitely.
      • USB port (5V/500mA) - located in rear of unit can be used to charge small electronics.
      • Internal LED light turns on upon opening the lid for efficient late night meal prep while camping. This light will flash to attract your attention if the fridge has been left open for more than 3 minutes. 
      • Wi-Fi enabled - run diagnostics, monitor & adjust temperature, check battery voltage remotely from Dometic's CFX App on your phone (Available at Apple Store and Google Play- see below for more details). 

      Dometic CFX Fridge Freezer Design Features

      • Rugged Construction - Thermoplastic polymer construction, reinforced corners, and robust fully insulated lid with stainless steel hinges.
      • Removable & flippable lid- can have hinge on either side, customizable for your specific set up
      • Spring-loaded handles can be used as tie down points, as handles, and are able to fold down or even be removed completely if clearance is an issue.
      • Mount fridge directly to slide (sold separately) using screws - no need for cumbersome tie downs
      • Easy to clean - Drain plug and flush mounted evaporator unit make it a breeze to clean even after heavy use
      • Tight sealing lid and extra thick polyurethane insulation keep the coolness in even when the power is off.
      • High efficiency compressor can cool contents to -7.6F (-22C) for a deep freeze. As reference, the average kitchen refrigerator at home is set to 35F to 40F, and most kitchen freezers are set to -4F to 0F.
      • Removable wire baskets with dividers for improved organization

      Dimensions & Specifications for Dometic CFX Portable Fridge Freezers

      Dometic CFX Technical Details Chart

      For complete documentation, have a look at Dometic's user manual for the CFX Series Fridge Freezers. 

      Dometic CFX App Capabilities for use with CFX Wi-Fi Enabled Portable Fridge Freezers

      While using the built in Wi-Fi feature of the CFX is not required in any way for functionality, it can come in handy. You can monitor and control your CFX fridge/freezer remotely by connecting your iPhone or Android phone to the CFX App using the CFX-W Series' built in Wi-Fi connection capability. Through the app you are able to:
      • Turn the CFX unit on/off
      • Set Battery Protection Level - Select between one of three battery protection levels (low/med/high) as a cut off voltage for the CFX to power down and preserve your 12V battery. (See below for more information on Battery Protection)
      • Receive Lid Open Alert -A lid open arrow will appear and the image lid moves upward whenever lid is open. If lid is left open for 3 mins or more, the interior light (on fridge) starts to flash, and a warning alert appears in the App.
      • Receive Temperature Aberration Alarm - Your device will sound or vibrate (depending on device type) if the temperature rises or falls outside the limit that you set.
      • Control & monitor temperatures remotely
      • Monitor DC supply voltage level
      • Adjust system settings including: temperature display unit (C or F); Wi-Fi name/password; set temperature alarm sensitivity to a 3°C or 5°C range; 

      Dometic Dynamic Battery Protection System

      Dometic CFX Fridge Freezer Cut Off Voltages

      Choose from one of 3 cut-off voltages for your Dometic CFX Fridge Freezer. These cut-off voltages are designed to protect your battery from being excessively drained by the fridge after the vehicle ignition is switched off.

      • LOW - Use this setting only when running from a deep cycle accessory battery to achieve the longest run times for your CFX. DO NOT use this setting if running from a vehicle starter battery.
      • MED - This setting is suitable in most cases when running from vehicle starter batteries. CFX run times will be longer than HIGH setting.
      • HIGH - Use this setting if you are concerned about your vehicle starter battery voltage. CFX run times will be shortest in this power mode. 

      Dometic CFX Product Demo Videos

      Video Credit: Dometic

      Video Credit: Dometic

      Video Credit: Dometic

      Video Credit: Dometic