MAXTRAX MKII Vehicle Recovery Boards (Set of 2)


MAXTRAX recovery boards are lightweight & easy-to-use. Compared to a winch or recovery strap, the MAXTRAX vehicle recovery boards are simple to use and don't rely on a second vehicle or anchor point. Available with several mounting accessories, MAXTRAX can easily be carried by almost anything with four-wheels ensuring an easy way out if your vehicle becomes stuck. 

How to use MAXTRAX Recovery Boards

Video Credit: 4x4 Australia

MAXTRAX MKII Vehicle Recovery Board Features

  • 88 aggressive large cleats on MAXTRAX boards sink their teeth into the tire tread and the terrain under your 4WD vehicle to prevent it from slipping back into mud, snow, or sand and make vehicle recovery quick & easy. Cleats are slightly rounded so you don't have to worry about damaging your tires during recovery.
  • Rugged construction: Made from UV-stabilized, flexible, super tough, engineering-grade reinforced nylon, MAXTRAX provides traction and a firm base to get your vehicle quickly back on track. They have been tested at the University of Queensland to wrap completely around a 33-inch tire without breaking.
  • Engineered for recovering fully loaded rigs: 3 longitudinal beams provide enhanced structural support to MAXTRAX boards for recovering heavy rigs.
  • Stackable: Complementary cleat configuration allows low profile stacking of multiple MAXTRAX boards. A set of 2 MAXTRAX nested together is just 3.5" in height. 
  • Mountable: Exclusive keyhole accessory points to allow you to securely mount your MAXTRAX via pegging or allow you to link multiple boards together.
  • Lightweight: Each MAXTRAX weighs just 8 pounds.
  • Easy to maneuver: due to signature double-edged design with ramps on each end, it’s quick & easy to position MAXTRAX Recovery Boards under your tires.
  • Built-in shovels at either end & 6 handles aid with removing excess earth to help get you unstuck quicker.
  • Lifetime Warranty: MAXTRAX backs their quality Australian Made product with a lifetime warranty against faulty materials and workmanship.

MAXTRAX Recovery Board Dimensions

  • 45" x 13"
  • Each set of 2 MAXTRAX stacks together at a height of just 3.5"
  • Weight: 8lbs each


  • Set of 2 MAXTRAX MKII Recovery Boards
  • 2 orange Tell Tale leashes
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Ronny Dahl's 10 applications for MAXTRAX Video

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MAXTRAX MKII Vehicle Recovery Instructions

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