GOOSE GEAR Alu-Cab Alu-Cabin Toyota Tundra 2014-2021 2.5 Gen. - Middle Utility Module - 6'5" Bed

Module Location

Introducing the all NEW interior system for the all new Alu-Cabin, Full Size Canopy Camper. The Middle Utility Module requires the Goose Gear®  Bed Plate System™, Front Utility Module, and Rear Module for  installation.

This Middle Utility Module is only compatibly with for the Alu-Cabin on a Toyota Tundra 2014-2020 2.5 Gen. with a 6'5" bed. 

Top access hatch provide access to module whether accessing from inside our outside the camper. 

The Canopy Camper is designed to be lighter and more efficient than previous models. By utilizing the Alu-Cab extrusion channels we have been able to eliminate the need for back leg supports for the Utility Modules. By tying the modules to the Canopy Camper, the installer is able to get a consistent flat surface between the Utility Modules and Drawer Modules. The installation process requires the user to install spacers onto the supplied brackets for proper leveling.


The product options are laid out in the following format and sold separately (See image below):

  • Drivers Front Utility Module
  • Driver Middle Utility Module 
  • Drivers Rear Utility Module OR Double Drawer Module
  • Bulkhead Single Drawer Module 
  • Passenger Front Utility Module
  • Passenger Middle Utility Module 
  • Passenger Rear Utility Module OR Double Drawer Module