DOMETIC PLB40 Portable Lithium Battery 500Wh (40Ah)

SKU: DM-9600014024

Dometic's PLB40 isn't your grandpa's goal-less lithium ion battery. Made using the latest lithium battery chemistry (Lithium Iron Phosphate), the PLB40 not only includes an integrated smart battery management system, but unlike other leading portable power banks, the PLB40 can easily be re-charged while on the road. You can continue powering devices while charging, and can charge the PLB40 directly from your vehicle's 12V DC (cigarette lighter) power. Or, if you go on extended journeys, solar panels can even be used to charge the PLB40.

Why we love the Dometic PLB40 over other Portable Power Packs

  • Long-Lasting: The Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry of the PLB40 affords it four-fold as many charge cycles as a typical Lithium Ion battery. So instead of 500 discharge cycles before dipping below 80% capacity, the PLB40 will operate at >80% for 2,000 discharge cycles. 
  • Powerful: Lithium Iron Phosphate battery chemistry results in very low self-discharge rate and stable output voltage at 12V. LiFePo4 batteries can deliver much higher energy density in comparison to other chemistries.
  • Safe: Well suited for harsh ambient temperatures frequently encountered during adventures. Built-in battery management system self-protects the PLB40 from overcharge, deep discharge and freezing or overheating.
  • Portable: the PLB40 is remarkably light for a battery! Weighing in at just a bit over 16 lbs, the PLB40 takes portability to a new level.
  • Flexible: The PLB40 can be charged while simultaneously supplying power to an external device, like a Dometic fridge. Can be charged using 1) your vehicle battery's DC power, 2) the AC electricity from your home before you leave, and 3) by solar panels when posted up at sunny campsites.

PLB40 Portable Lithium Battery Features

  • Lithium Iron Phosphate Chemistry: The Dometic PLB40 has powerful, integrated Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cells, providing an energy supply of 40Ah/512 Wh. LiFePO4 batteries have a life span (2,000 charge cycles) up to four times longer than other Lithium Power Banks currently on the market.
  • Off-Grid Ready: Ideal for powered fridge/freezers and other 12V appliances while on adventures, a single charge of the PLB40 can provide power for a weekend or longer (40Ah). Combined with a solar panel to top off when underway, the PLB40 allows you to stay powered up while you're off grid.
  • Smart charging: The integrated DC-DC charger offers three convenient ways to charge via: the vehicle's 12V DC socket, a solar panel or AC home power. The battery’s integrated Battery Management System protects the PLB40 from under-voltage, over-voltage, short circuiting and overheating for optimum charge time, performance and storage. 
  • Designed for maximum portability: Extremely lightweight with an ergonomic stainless steel carry-handle. The PLB40 is so fun to handle, you may even find yourself using it for kettlebell workouts (Note: PLB40 kettlebell workouts are not an officially condoned application for this powerful lithium battery.)
  • LCD Display: Built-in LCD screen displays the capacity, charging status and output of your PLB40.

Dometic PLB40 Portable Lithium Battery Features Video

Video Credit: Dometic

Dometic PLB40 Technical Specifications

  • Included: Battery, DC charging cable, AC charger
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Dimensions: 7.75" (L) x 10" (W) x 7.75" (D)
  • Weight: 16.62 lbs
  • Chemistry: LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
  • Capacity: 40Ah/512Wh
  • Voltage: 12.8V
  • Cycle Life: 2,000 cycles
  • Operating Temperature: 14°F to 140°F (optimal performance within recommended charge temp range: 32F to 113F and recommended discharge temp range: 14F to 131F)
  • Recommended Storage Conditions: Store fully charged and recharge every 6 months. Discharge rate is approximately 3-5% per month.
  • Fuse: 20A 3AG glass slow-blow fuse
  • IP Rating: IP44
  • Certificates: UL/ETL, UN38.3, FCC, DoC 

PLB40 Charge Input Specs

  • 12V Input Connector: Gray SB50 Anderson Connector
  • DC Input Voltage Range: 8-25V. PLEASE NOTE: If the PLB40 is plugged into your vehicle's starter battery via a non ignition keyed 12V socket and the vehicle battery charge drops below 8V, the PLB40's smart DCDC charger will stop drawing charge from the vehicle's battery in order to prevent it from being drained. Since 8V is lower than ideal for a starter battery, it is recommended to draw from an ignition keyed 12V socket, not an always-on 12V socket for charging your PLB40. The relatively low 8V DC cut-off is a feature that allows the PLB40 to be charged by solar panels.
  • DC Input Max Amperage: 8A
  • AC Input Voltage: 100-240V
  • Solar Panel Compatibility: Tested with Goalzero, Renogy, Overland Solar, and Flexopower solar panels. The recommend solar panel output for charging the PLB40 is 8-25V DC output. Check with your solar panel manufacturer to ensure compatibility.
  • Solar Panel Charge Controllers: Do not use a solar panel with a charge controller/solar regulator because the PLB40 is integrated with a smart DC-DC charger, so it can be connected directly to a solar panel without need of regulator. Keep in mind the voltage from solar panel should be 8-25V DC and also the current should be limited up to 8A DC.

PLB40 Charge Output Specs

  • DC Output Voltage: 12.8V
  • DC Output Amps: 15A (Plenty to power a fridge and charge devices, but not recommended for jump starting a car)
  • DC Output Continuous: 150W
  • DC 12V Output: 15A
  • DC 12V 2-pin Output: 15A
  • DC-DC controller: PWM DC-DC controller
  • USB 5V Outputs x 2: Single 2.4, 4.2 Overall
  • Inverter Compatibility: Up to 150W

PLB40 vs. Traditional Lead Acid Dual Batteries

Portable Lithium Batteries are gaining traction as an alternative to the traditional lead acid dual battery set up. Just like a traditional dual battery set up, the PLB40 can be charged by your vehicle while driving and allows you to power fridges, lights, and charge phones, speakers etc. without depleting your starter battery. Unlike a traditional dual battery set up, the PLB40 is extraordinarily flexible. Not only can it be easily removed from the vehicle and used where you need it; but can also be charged using solar panels, AC home power, and of course your vehicle's 12 V DC power (cigarette lighter). However, the PLB40 is not recommended to be used as a jump starting device, and cannot be daisy-chained to other battery sources. If these capabilities are important to you, get in touch for alternative solutions. The PLB40 is unmatched for its power, convenience, portability, and flexibility. Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are a great solution for those looking to a simple and reliable solution to power their devices while underway.